“Racist” Ancient Aliens – Google Censors Conspiracy Content – The Sin Of Being Male – TW Livestream

Here are the relevant links:
Pseudoarchaeology and the Racism Behind Ancient Aliens

Intervention Theory

YouTube vows to recommend fewer conspiracy theory videos

YouTube Stops Recommending Conspiracy Videos, Finally

Google CEO Admits Company Must Better Address the Spread of Conspiracy Theories on YouTube

“Conspiracy Theory”: Foundations of a Weaponized Term

Gynocentrism and the sin of being male

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  • Richard C.

    Lexxtex 293 on YouTube explaining how the pyramids were built. Sorry to disappoint anyone who believes that it was aliens 😥

  • Barb MacMaster

    “There were giants on the earth in those day, and after.” A questioning person is a conspiracy theorist. Every cop is a conspiracy theorist, every one who does not trust their gov’t is a conspiracy theorist, questioning any theory pushed as truth makes a conspiracy theorist ….

  • WarhammerXLK

    I don’t think aliens built it ( not sure) but I do know from my Egyptian friends that humans built the pyramid. But those humans were one with nature. Their left and right brain was combined and in tune with the universe. Also the time it was built the Sun was the highest in the sky. It was the age of ( Aten) . that means both left/ right combined. And they were on one with the senses and universe . age of Aten was the highest consciousness and it helped humans built it. 🙂 then came the fall. Age of Amen that we existed in 2015 and now we are in age of Kheper the birth of consciousness. Also maybe yes human aliens.

  • Derrick Peters

    Study the true history of the aboriginal people of North and South Turtle Island and Africa. There is your answer. It’s hard to do because much of it is HIDDEN.

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