Travel Dream Turned NIGHTMARE, This Is The Story of Brian Doubt! (PFT EXCLUSIVE)

What started like a dream quickly turned into a nightmare at an airport in Trinidad last week.
We’ve all had our share of bad travel days but nothing quite compares to what just happened to 51 year old Canadian Brian Doubt as he was traveling through the Trinidad airport. Brian found himself own the wrong end of a security dispute about bullet keychains he had in one of his carry on bags which are completely inert and unusable as they literally have a keychain ring molded to it’s firing end with the insides filled with glue. Brian was charged with carrying ammunition onto an airplane and he was forced to spend 7 days in a prison in Trinidad! In this PFT Exclusive video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Brian Doubt about his horrendous ordeal, the current state of the prisons and justice system in Trinidad and the need for help which he certainly did not get from the Canadian consulate.


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  • devon gannes

    From what I understand about trinidad, is that it is a major hub for the trafficking of guns and drugs. It’s no surprise to me that a guy coming from Guyana with projectile weaponry mock perifinalia was ringed through the penal system there. People in the penal system in trinidad are the worst of the worst criminals. I had a similar innocent happen involving a canister of cannabis seeds at the vancouver airport. I traveled from toronto to Amsterdam to several Indian ports to China with my canister of cannabis seeds. After making my way to vancouver airport my seeds were confiscated by a boarder agent, I was told it was illegal and that I would not be able to retain my canister of seed that I spent about 4 years breeding and collecting. I saw that canister of seeds as my financial freedom in a place like b.c. Where cannabis is accepted. Now I’m struggling close to homeless working a fulltime job. I guess I’m lucky I dident get arrested!

  • Jerry Raketti

    I had a 44 cal. mag’ Key-Fob that was Confiscated prior to boarding but that was in the ’90’s at a US Airport. ‘still irrational.

  • LookattheBiggerPic

    NO – forget bullets – Utterly boycott this country entirely – for ever! Ending their Tourist travel will most certainly teach this overtly corrupt nation that fecking with people to make a buck WILL result in millions, perhaps billions in lost tourist revenues – this (Trinidad and Tobago) is Now on my list of “Shite Holes” to avoid ALWAYS! Stupid, short-sighted idiots! I am so sorry to hear of Brian’s ordeal and am grateful it was not any worse – I am also shocked at Canada’s utter lack of response – Hmm, maybe I should add Canada to my “Shite Hole” list of countries to Never Tour through – wonder how TrueDough would feel about mass Tourism drop to Canada?! sad too because I absolutely adore my Canadian friends in the West of Canada… In any case, thanks so much for all you do!

  • andrew Hoard

    Stay the fuck out of Trinidad. I had a school teacher from Trinidad and he was a real idiot. I can see that this is common in Trinidad.

  • mary thomson

    Sure no help for Brian but get some person that kills 1 man blinds another from bombs he apparently built goes to jail 5 yrs in prison ( not Canada ) whines and Trudy PM of Canada lays 10 million on him. And his family is known apparently to be terrorists. I believe i have this story told correct. So wheres Trudy PM when Brian needs help? Wasnt he from the right church, or it wasnt the one Trudy seems to haunt when no one is looking

  • Christopher

    It’s a shame and disgrace that Canada would rather spend millions on refugees from Syria and other countries but ignore one of her own citizens who is wrongfully charged, jailed, fined and forced to plead guilty.

  • Kris Green

    Yah, I agree crap situation BUT when I travel to Cuba, Dominican etc I know I’m in a shit country (not the people the government). As a result I don’t carry fake knives, fake guns. bullets weed paraphernalia etc. Traveled to Beijing and Chan Chung China a couple years ago. This likely could get you life on prison in China or worse, so come on people. Does not matter what is or should be legal. Does not matter if you really presented a threat. Shit hole countries give there own people no rights. Shit countries are dangerous to us who travel. Think. There are enough battles to fight here with our rights and privileges. Don’t fight for what is right here in Canada in shit holes. If you want to see how they react to fake bullets DON’T. Stay home. Lucky he was not in China. That said, I tried to board a plane in Regina a few years ago with my leatherman I wear everyday and I’ll tell you I wont make that mistake again. No one (in boarding security) saw the humor in my error here either, although those with me sure laughed.

  • papapapist

    Travelling to a third world shithole and being extorted is YOUR OWN FAULT. The world is out to fuck white europeans and north americans the most they can. Avoid these monkey nations.

  • kinghanad

    for the 3% reading this, I hope you become successful in life with everything you dreamed of, and accomplish more than you had imagined. I am a youtuber myself and I’m not asking you to do anything. but I would love to hit 20k by the end of February! THANK YOU, ALL OF YOUTUBE

  • TropicalCoder

    What a horrible nightmare you’ve been through. I was wondering if you could have convinced a police officer at an early stage to tear one of those bullets apart to verify there was no powder? Did you try to suggest that?

    I have a tiny story to tell of my own experience in a foreign country on my first trip abroad, as sort of an antidote to your experience. I spent some time far from home in a small town in the interior of Brazil. I was aware that things can happen like what happened to you and had a notion that police could be corrupt in such places, so I kept my distance from any police officer I might have run into on the street. I was afraid of any possible encounter. It was a very small town where everybody knows everybody, and everybody knew there was a “gringo” in town and wanted to meet me out of curiosity. The police officer who patrolled the street I frequented had begun to notice I was avoiding him. Finally one day he walked straight up to me with a big grin and shook my hand. He was just as friendly as everybody else, and I realized at that moment my fear was unfounded. Happy ending in my case!

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