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  • Gator Hogg

    All muslims are hostile by nature.
    Unpredictable socially, extremely risky and cognitively retarded, often unstable and/or unable to cope with education or productive endeavors to benefit all people.
    Que the 1,000,000’s of muslim immigrants in the EU and the heinous acts of muslims behaviours of crime, murder and rape.
    1200 years of inbreeding and the social consequences of violence and hostilities is well documented, as well as 70″ of muslims harbor a borderline retard 70 IQ.
    Reference Nikolai Sennels research on inbreeding, the burdens on health and mental welfare and the economic burdens of hospitalization and keeping these unproductive subhuman muslim babies alive.
    BTW . . facts are not racist nor are facts sensitive to subjective conclusive studies or evaluations.

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