RECESSION In Italy! – THIS Could Cause A Domino Effect Worldwide

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the recently declared recession in Italy as the country’s economy reaches its inevitable end. Alongside the Italian economy we see a standstill in the overall European economy which could lead to a global meltdown.
While this slowdown is widely blamed on the Chinese and US trade tensions, it’s the expected result of massive centralization and insolvent banks across the country. There is a lot of tension as well between the Italian government and the European Union, but overall this had to come down eventually and we can thank the usual suspects. Government, central banks and vast manipulation.
We’ve been warning of this coming recession for years and we are once again unfortunately vindicated. But the sooner the better! The longer these massive collapses are put off, the worse they are going to be!
It now comes down to the people of Italy once again. They must choose. Be independent or be dependent on these massive governments and banks. Self sustainability is key. Responsibility is key. Understanding their money and knowing how to protect their purchasing power is incredible important. There is an everything bubble bursting throughout the world. The US dollar is being swapped out of by countless countries. The banks are bankrupt and Deutsche Bank is falling. There’s a multi-quadrillion dollar derivatives bubble worldwide. There’s a pension bubble, auto bubble, real estate bubbles, student loan bubbles. It’s the everything bubbly for a reason! But there are more solutions than problems in the end which we go into in this video.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • TheConspiracy Realist

    It will hinge on what China does to the U.S. over the next 3 – 4 weeks. They could cripple the global economy trying to fuck the U.S. over tarriffs… but they might just start offloading the treasuries at cut throat prices just as Trump tries to distract from this by invading, or trying to invade Venezuela. And if that gets ugly by Columbia and Russia coming in to stifle the military action there the economy could just blow p and start the over delayed dollar come tumbling down…
    We are on the brink…and Italy is just another bump to distract, but something will happen with Germany that will start the fall we are waiting for…
    I predicted the 2007 08 crisis… this one has a lot of powder kegs all over the fucking place…but watch Germany, China, and what might come out from the FBI INVESTIGATION. This last thing might be what puts Trump over the edge and he starts bombing all over to distract away from his downfall…
    It’s close….and it will be ugly…

  • Adam Lynn

    You’re “alternative”. So “alternative”.
    *Al-Qaeda attacked Sandy Hook 12/14/12*
    *Al-Qaeda attacked Charleston 6/17/15*
    *Al-Qaeda attacked Las Vegas 10/1/17*
    *Al-Qaeda attacked Sutherland Springs 11/5/17*
    *Al-Qaeda attacked Parkland Florida 2/14/18*
    *Al-Qaeda attacked Santa Fe Texas 5/18/18*
    *Al-Qaeda attacked Jacksonville 8/26/18*
    *Al-Qaeda attacked Pittsburgh 10/27/18*
    *Al-Qaeda attacked Thousand Oaks 11/7/18*

  • 96BxelA

    Yes, the Guy’s …such a nice crowd…haha The Jewish Lobby, more precisely the Zionist Jewish Lobby… who label your content as “Hate Speech” … The masses awaken Worldwide…We are the Goy….

  • potatoradio

    Thank god they don’t have to support a huge number of illegal immigrants from a few years ago that are still unemployable. Oh wait…

  • Kevin Schmidt

    Italians are the laziest fuckers on earth. You have to actually work to be productive. The maximum work week for full-time employees is 40 hours, and overtime is limited to 8 hours on top of that. Employers can face fines if workers exceed that amount. Days off per year: 30 (tied for 6th highest)

  • Charlie's Cartoons

    EU politics are forcing Italies leaders to call a recession because Italy needs to sell off their EU dept to counter the upcoming shift.
    Fortunately President Trump along with Russia, China and India are moving towards decentralization and will introduce something more factual like the Gold standard.
    Wealth will resemble actual and not statistics based on projections.

    The world bankers are being put to the side by this force of nature called Donald Trump. If you can read between the lines you will see the coalition if you’re political understanding is open minded.
    We will all go through a recession as we ditch the old for the new.
    The US will always end up on top, even if they chose the gold standard. Italy is allying with the US coalition.
    I hope Britain leaves the EU soon so that it can reintroduce its wealth to this new coalition.

  • Malkism M

    China is facing a repercussion of trade war for initiating its Petro-yuan redeemable in Gold in April 2018 by launching its own Shanghai Oil exchange capable of competing with Brent & Nymex….And that’s what exactly this trade war is all about….

  • Chris Chong

    Individual sovereignty is called freedom. Country’s sovereignty is what used to require a war to usurp the sovereignty of another country. Now they use money and unpatriotic leaders of the country to convince/frighten/coerce the dumbed down public by the fake news media. The deep state had it all planned for years. Slowly slowly catch the monkey.

  • jim

    isnt it strange how when i look whats happening in cananda i realise its happening her in uk and spain, catalonia, france…its all happening in our different countries but its all the same

  • jim

    cryptid currnencies are a great investment in these shady economic’s my forecast……market update….wookiecoin is deep in the woods at the moment who knows if it will show it’s face ever again. Yeticoin is climbing high and looks as though its heading for the summit but be careful it could dump out in the snow if it ascends the markets too quickly. Things are looking up for Mothmancoin as it heads towards the light but if it moves without real direction it could burn up in the flame and your investment could disappear in a Puff of smoke. As for Dogmancoin well it has been sniffing the gutters for too long now so i would not suggest investing at present unitl the markets throw it a bone. Mummicoin must be avoided at all cost as it is quite clearly a pyramid scheme. Zombiecoin looks like its still alive and kicking but dont be fooled, out of all the Cryptid currencies Zombiecoin really is the walking dead. Krakencoin is tied up in the weeds and is firmly anchored at the bottom, ascent is unlikely this year. Chubracabracoin is sucking the life out of its market rival Goatcoin and the outcome is unpredictable watch this space. Nessiecoin is nowhere to be seen though trends suggest it’s struggling to escape to sucker-like grip of Krakencoin though thats not to say it couldnt resurface at some point in the future. Im not a financial adviser so please do your own research before commiting to any particular Cryptid currency…GOOOD LUCK

  • Patriot Trucker

    Like Italy has a major roll in any of our economies? They make good pizza and have pretty art. That’s about it.Oh, and about 50,000 illegal aliens from Arabland. Don’t worry though. They won’t cry shariah law,rape woman, stab people, shit in pools and demand zones for themselves. Oops, already did that.

  • Steemit Surfer Review

    Josh, the toughest guy on the block may also be your future best friend and your best defense. Not all tough guys are bad guys. The weakest are the most likely to be unprepared and try to steal your stuff. Just sayin’

  • Silverio Rebelo

    why do YOU quote such lying media as the NYT? What you just quoted is inaccurate and straighforward false for several reasons – beginning with the stupid suggestion that the Italian crisis is due to over expense by the italian goverment…

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