The Fentanyl Epidemic Exposed!

In this thoroughly researched video report Brian Thiesen of Press For Truth exposes why there is a fentanyl epidemic, who is behind it and what you can do about it! Support us on Patreon ➜


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About The Author


  • Unraveling Jenna

    As an ER RN in the USA, I can tell you that ever since
    norco/vicodin/hydrocodone was rescheduled and docs stopped writing
    prescriptions for it, people started going into withdrawl. They were
    originally either doc shopping, or buying it on the street. I can’t
    remember the last time I saw that script wrote. So heroin is the least
    expensive opiate on the street. norco addicts have turned to heroin. Some
    of the newest stuff i’ve heard that is being sold is heroin being cut with
    fentanyl, which is stronger than what the regular heroin injector is used
    to injecting. That is when the OD comes to the ER………I give them 1
    reversal drug, a turkey sandwich and send them on their way.

  • Joe Watson

    Their is absolutely noting wrong with selective serotonin re-uptake
    inhibitors, these drugs are used for treating things like depression and
    OCD among others.

  • Candi Cane

    here on the Canadian east coast I have a friend who has had illnesses that
    left her with chronic pain and then got her increasingly more dependent on
    stronger drugs. She is on Fentaynal now and every twenty days when she gets
    her prescription I am terrified she will die this time. She is in such
    denial of how high and screwed up she is. She falls she is a smoker and
    always has burns. When she is using her meds correctly she is a good
    person, but wow does she ever change. I know I will hear before too much
    longer that she has passed. Doctors and big pharma are as ruthless as any
    drug cartel

  • not2tees

    That intro sound is making me grit my teeth . . . but on the other hand,
    the injustices covered in most of the Press For Truth also make me grit my

  • City Lights

    You left out the silk road China connections to fentanyl , carfentanyl, LSD
    (any chem lab produced drug you want). Right now, mail from China to Canada
    is under extra scrutiny for drugs, delaying some mail up to, and over, 3
    months. We’re under staffed for Customs Officers. I DIY electronics and
    small parts needed used to arrive in under 20 days to my door from china.
    Since the crack down for china drugs, I’m getting little done for hobbies.
    (F you drug dealers!!) eBay refunds for non-arrival goods after 60 days, so
    a lot of eBay sellers are getting Hosed by the Canada Customs Delays.
    Fighting Hard Drugs is giving Canada a 3rd world postal rating. Point is,
    it’s now off shore chem labs undercutting Big Pharma, producing in
    countries where it’s not illegal, like China. Canada has asked China to
    help stem the tide after the numerous BC over doses being linked back to

  • City Lights

    If you want to really expose it, you have to include the other sources for
    these killer illicit drugs. It’s easy to find Asia Labs on the internet and
    the dark web that will produce and send to you anything your looking for.

  • I don't care about Your feelings

    uh…… some true… some is bs….
    all you really need to know it government is a bunch criminal freaks… the
    state needs to shape up or go…
    but nobody’s got the balls to do what needs to be done… everyone having
    too much fun stealing money from each other… the real world is enough to
    make you sick…

  • Marc A Gagnon

    Think about it people If a dope dealer is to make a product that would kill
    off all his buyer’s what would be the point of selling something that would
    kill your clients eventually you would not have anyone to sell to. Really
    there is more going on than what is being said. Who makes money for Canada
    it is the people and what is the addicts doing for the country except being
    a drain so why wouldn’t it be feasible to get rid of the drain! And no
    matter what there will be collateral damage.

  • valhala56

    This is a good analysis but you have some serious eggarations here. No Drs
    in the US, I don’t know about Canada is prescribing Oxycontin and Fentanyl
    to 6 year olds. In fact the only way to get Opiate pain killers in the US
    is from Pain Management clinics, Cancer Drs, Post op surgery and sometimes
    the Emergency Room. I don’t know anything more controlled then Opiate pain
    medication in the US, it takes about 2 years of jumping through hoops to
    get put on Opiate pain medications and then monthly visits to your Pain Dr
    which feels like go a probation officer, drugs tests, pill counts, asking
    if you feel depressed and any slip up can cause you to have your meds
    This scares the shit out of chronic pain patients who feel like anytime our
    pain medications can be shut off because some people abuse them, People
    abuse Alcohol, sex, Food, other drugs, people will abuse just anything but
    it is only Pain medication that causes the general public not to look at
    the whole picture.

  • A Jo

    I have muscular dystrophy. Two years ago I was on enough methadone to knock
    out a horse…. now I smoke probably 4 joints a day and that’s it! It’s
    saved my life!! Pharmaceuticals are dangerous!

  • J Henn

    A sober society is a good and decent society. All you have to do is look at
    the nations in the world that have no laws regarding drugs.

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