The Truth About The “Liberation” Of Mosul – What You NEED To Know!

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As the battle for Iraq rages on the western propaganda spin machine is trying to paint a picture suggesting that Mosul has been liberated from ISIS so in this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth not only proves who the real insidious force is but he also lays out their plans for using this to advance further into Syria and eventually Iran.
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  • cma wpg

    I’m not stupid, but lately there are just some things I can’t wrap my head around.
    Thanks for making this topic navigable.

  • Master Embalmer

    as long as they are in Iraq, fuck em’. the Iraqis cowards don’t want to save their country, why should we?

  • Dragon 67

    When the scum return to their countries it begins again. Sadly it will take a massive attack before we truly act.

  • Mandy Retweets

    What a bloody mess the American government have made with there so called invasions and destruction of middle eastern country’s all for bloody oil. Shame on them.

  • WorldPeaceMaker2000

    The Shias and majority of the Sunnis are not violent..unfortunately Islam has been hijacked by terrorists groups with all kinds of funding…:(

  • theprintedmessage com

    The entire area is just one big war zone and will remain so until the end of time or until the US, Russia, Canada etc get the fuck out of the area and let them fight it out by themselves. Sooner or later they would run out of people or weapons without outside infuence

  • Ryan Hopper

    Cache is pronounced like “cash”, not “cash-eh”. Cache is a conjugated form of the root verb “cacher” which means “hidden” or “to hide”. Do you see an accent egu on the “e”? No, no you don’t. It’s almost as bad as Luke not being able to pronounce hegemony.

  • Julian Greenwood

    Imagine when all those terrorists will go back to Europe and north America,(because some governments welcome them back with open arms)the shit they will stir.I foresee many more victims of those scumbags in a near future.

  • OttoDeCalumnias

    So what is your point? Are you suggesting to leave those murderous Daesh in place just because there is no clear plan for the day after?
    I don’t get what you trying to focus on. And you are completely blank of any creative suggestions, too.
    You’d rather look into who is really profiting from this war: The armament industry. And the chemical industry.
    Nobody has an idea how many rounds have been fired and how many tons of explosives have been detonated on both sides.
    But one thing is sure: Someone has sold it to the Daesh. Those are actually more guilty than those poor religiously misguided suckers called Jihadists.

  • DJ

    they need to continue bombing the mideast to continue the migrant crisis, which will eventually lead to the collapse of the West, a bloody civil war/final crusade that kills everyone off while fighting for food in the street.
    The only way to continue it is to continue funding ISIS and terrorism. The banker win because they fund the terrorism with OUR money…the money they print for free illegally

  • slippybits

    You did not go deep enough down the rabbit hole!
    The ISRAELIS puppet the US. The Greater Israel is part of the goal here!

  • chilo31416

    Or maybe the newly formed inexperienced Iraqi army just got overwhelmed and ran, leaving behind all the equipment.
    Not everything needs to be a conspiracy.

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