The Battle For FREE SPEECH Rages On – Gavin McInnes Announces LAWSUIT To Sue The SPLC!

Proud boys founder Gavin McInnes is suing the SPLC in an attempt to regain a reputation that has been tarnished by the organization. In a statement released today when speaking on why he’s doing it McInnes says “it’s not just because they destroyed my career and shattered my reputation. It’s because they could do the same to you”. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth goes over the latest news in the battle for free speech as both Gavin McInnes and the catholic Covington school boys have had enough of fake news and they are taking their cases to the courts to try and settle things once and for all.

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  • Joe Ren

    The SPLC gets their funding from AIPAC, Soros, Sheldon Adelson, Shabat Lubavitch and others of the Talmudic world order. They have unlimited sources. Some have alledged that the SPLC is part of the Mossad. So, sue them relentlessly and get back some of our money.

  • mikecorbeil

    May the lawsuits be successful. For long, now, already for many years, it’s been reported that the SPLC, ADL, Zionist lobbies, … are full of bs and clearly are very, if not extremely, anti-social. They don’t work for social justice and peace, but rather against those concepts/principles. Why anyone would be a member or other supporter is “beyond me”, for it’s sufficiently clear that they’re enemies, instead of working for real Good. It’s all insane, sociopathic, … nonsense.

  • Marcus Aetius

    Good to see Gavin giving some push back because it looked before like he was going into total surrender. Don’t expect any justice from the courts though, they are a political entity.

  • craig storey

    About time these Nation destroying lying scum bags were exposed. I hope Gavin wins big the guy is a legend. Cheers from Australia!

  • Patriotic American

    #NOSHADE…its ‘interesting’ to see white folks treated like second class citizens as they fight a losing battle to save their rights, freedoms and culture (sounds a bit like slavery huh?) They do say ‘history repeats itself’ so now you’ll really understand how blacks felt when they were and still are treated like second class citizens. But the fukedup part is that your own race is destroying you in your own country using your hard earned money to send to the countries that deploy the people who are raping you and sucking the soul out of the people and this country. America is DEAD, not enough REAL AMERICAN PATRIOTS. Your forefathers are rolling in their graves filled with disgust and embarrassment. How’d you allow this to happen to the ONCE GREAT U.S.A.? Come on TRUTHERS….what is a lawsuit going to stop??? I thought yall were WOKE… Just a thought for the “Truth Channel”

  • Tall Whitemail

    Dude, I have a great idea! Start so many fake groups using bought subs and likes that they can’t find the real ones in the mess.
    It’s something they’d do, (yuk) but it would work I think.

  • Mike Freeman

    The real hate groups = SPLC, ADL, Talmudic Zionist Jews, Islamic extremist Muslims, BLM, Black Panthers, Communists and Liberals.

  • rickylarch

    Libel laws are literally anti free speech. You can not credibly claim to be a free speech absolutist and sue someone for their speech. You are asking the government to sanction someone else for their speech and limit it in the future. Real free speech absolutists would fight to have libel laws repealed. What a naked hypocrite.

  • Divergent Droid

    So does this mean I can still call a GlobeTard a GlobeTard and not go to Jail for it cus of course they don’t use the scientific method to prove the sphere? Ya know this whole idea you Have to call someone without scientific evidence a gender they Do Not belong to is good reason to go to jail? Thats Crazy. I love Globetards.. without them, there wouldn’t be Flat Earthers.

  • Divergent Droid

    WHAT.. Cajuns are Funding these Rats? I’m a Cajun Myself FULL BLOODED and THIS HAS TO STOP!!!!!! I’m a DIRECT DECADENT of you from Arcadia. You Should be Ashamed of yourselves. It’s Crap like this that made us Move to the Southern United States in the first place! I as an American Cajun have a stronger connection to Canada as I do to France. You are My Very Recent Ancestors! You Make Me sick! You guys DO NOT KNOW what it means to be Cajun at all!

  • Divergent Droid

    Wait Again – The SPLC is an American Institution -why would Cajuns from the country above us (I’m in America) support this.. what am I missing here.. break it down for me please from a Canadian point of view. Now remember I’m a Cajun full blooded myself descendant from Cajuns from Arcadia.. My People were all about NON Oppression. I KNOW My History. It doesn’t jive with what people in the Cajun Islands are doing now so – what changed through the years? – The way I see it is those people are NOT real Cajuns. They aren’t sweating blood and tears to make a free society like we Did. Please.. Break this down for me because I hate to think our ancestors who stayed in Canada got so brainwashed and fucked up the political ass they caved in to totalitarianism. but it looks like that’s what happened.. if so. America has the Only Real Cajuns left on the planet! Am I Wrong.. prove it.

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