BLATANT Sexual Assault CAUGHT On Camera – The FEMALE PRIVILEGE Double Standard Exposed!

There seems to be quite the double standard when it comes to men, woman and their so called privilege. Recently at a woman march Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer was sexually assaulted by a woman who claimed that if the president can talk about grabbing a woman’s genitalia than she should be able to grab a man’s genitalia as well. Owen has pressed charges against the protester and she has since been arrested. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth takes a real hard look at “female privilege”, how it compares to a man’s “privilege” and the need for us all to realize that both men and woman have different burdens, advantages, not to mention different preferences and therefore our notions of “equality” should reflect that.


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  • Frolicking Lotus

    Whatever happened to waiting for that ah ha moment when two people are genuinely interested in each other? No social filters…autism at its finest. That bimbot is not my sister.

  • Canadian Cuck Fighter

    She’s the first pretty liberal I’ve ever seen, check out 7:46 when she turns to the camera, she’s really good looking but now she’s going to need a lawyer.

  • Pardon me,

    Did the president ever go up to someone and grab them inappropriately? If he did we don’t have evidence. Joe Biden molested little girls on live tv repeatedly and there’s no feminist outcry.

  • Dave Farr

    I would like it if a woman grabbed my crouch. Only if she wanted what she was grabbing. Not just because she wanted to be equal to a man. Men really don’t go around grabbing women by the giblets anyway unless they’re provoked. Owen didn’t need to make an example out of that woman ether.

  • George Benwell

    …what the fuck do you think women say to each other when they are bragging about sex?….I am reliably told by the trusted women in my life that its pretty fuckin’ raw…..I don’t like TRump but his comments in private don’t mean a damn thing.

  • Jiu-Jitsu Disciple

    i dont give a fuck about your gender – you come up to me on the street and grab my penis, i will knock you the fuck out, period. or maybe wrench your arm. either would be an appropriate and justified action.

  • Sean Fagan

    The way he said it and they way they spin it are two completely Different things. He was talking about groupies just like rock stars he never said he was walking up to woman grabbing them by the pussy.
    Sorry if you can’t comprehend the statement he made or perhaps you are not as stupid as you pretend to be by pretending to not understand what he said because groupies want to be grabbed by the pussy but those woman who are not groupies are upset because no man wants to grab them by the pussy so in their mind they should be wanted but they know these woman are not wanted by men men are not as dumb as they pretend to be they can see the ugliness of some woman and these are the first woman to get out to march. Woman who are wanted by men are not out there those woman who are unwanted with daddy issues these are the type of woman who will die old and alone with a room full of cats because that is the level these woman are on. Enjoy your lonely life woman of mental illness march on i enjoy watching fools the daya bases are filling up ever time these fools gather a march protest and just show the world their mental state. The data is going in bases with which companies will be able to cross reference an application and protestors so as not to put their company in any harm by allowing these sick individuals work their. These are the type of woman who yell rape because they haven’t been asked out in years. I feel sorry for them but society needs to keep databases on people like them to protect the masses from their actions. Just like judge kavanaugh these woman are going to have that* next to there name to protect us from their illness.

  • UFOs not Religion

    I can’t even postnon Facebook, my friends are all leftist, psycho feminists that attack men constantly, in memes etc etc. Endless hate.

  • Wendelin Thiel

    MEN’S RIGHTS: It starts at birth. Males have the right to the following:
    1. Men have the right to have their genitals mutilated at birth with no care by the global society and yet female genital mutilation receives far more media attention. Baby boys (thus MEN) are denied the right to have any say in whether their bodies are permanently mutilated or not.
    2. Boys have had the right since the 1990’s to see their classrooms adjusted to make learning more conducive to the needs of girls at their expense which a decade later has resulted in average overall lower test scores for young males.
    3. Boys have the right to have games they enjoy like Dodge Ball and Tag be banned or discouraged in some schools by the PC crowd because they encourage aggression.
    4. Boys have the right to be doped up on drugs in school more than girls are.
    5. Boys have the right to be marked more harshly throughout school than girls.
    6. BOYS as young as 14 have the right to be RAPED by an adult woman and be legally forced to pay CHILD SUPPORT in accordance with child support laws if the rape results in a pregnancy.
    7. Men have the right to be half as likely to finish High School under the current system.
    8. Men have the right to now in 2019 make up a paltry 33% of University students thanks to 2 generations of programs “Empowering women”. Given that women are now 67% of University grads you would think Feminists who promote so called equality would seek to level this to 50% but no they will not because Feminism never was about equality. THE BIG LIE!
    9. Men have the right to have no designated study areas in their Universities while their female counterparts do have them. Seoul University in South Korea for example, has a very comfortable “Female Lounge”. Men have no lounge.
    10. Men have the right to be half as likely to finish University under the Pro female current system which employs affirmative action, funding and programs “just for” women.
    11. When it comes time to find a job men have the RIGHT to face discrimination due to “Affirmative action” whereas women are hired to fill quotas..
    12. Men have the right to pay higher auto insurance rates.
    13. A man who has 7 kids by 7 women defaults on harsh unrealistic child support demands and goes to jail. He has the right to go IN THE SYSTEM. By contrast a woman with 7 kids by 7 men is supported by the tax payer and provided free housing, health care etc. She has the PRIVLEDGE to GO ON THE SYSTEM at the expense of the tax payer.
    14. Men have the right to be forced into the burdens of parent hood against his will.
    15. Men have the right to have their own child aborted by the MOTHER against their wishes.
    16. Men had and have the right to be served last in eating establishments. “Ladies’ first.
    17. Men have the right and privilege of being jailed or laughed at when his wife or girlfriend batters him.
    18. Men have the right to be 20 times as likely to be jailed.
    19. Men have the right to be 10 times as likely to be homeless as a woman.
    20. Men have the right to be denied welfare even though they need it. Wives are told by the state to kick their husbands out of the home and the state will support them while men are offered nothing.
    21. Men have the right to witness women filing for divorce twice as often as men and be encouraged to do so by a Pro female court system who routinely punishes men
    22. Men have the right to lose custody of their children 20 times as often as women and to be strangled by a vicious Family Court and Child Support System.
    23. Men have the right to be denied a shelter when abused by a woman. Although Men are 40%-50% of domestic abuse victims yet only 3% of tax funded shelters are for men. The issue is portrayed in the media as an exclusive issue of a big bad man beating on a poor innocent hapless pretty young woman.
    24. Although men have a higher chance of contracting 14 of the 15 leading causes of death, Men have the right to see their taxes be directed primarily toward diseases which effect women. Men’s illnesses are ignored by the state.
    25. Men have the right in Canada to pay for prostate screening exams while seeing women get free breast screening exams.
    26. HISTORICALLY, at a time when we are told men were oppressing women Men had the right to be prioritized DEAD LAST in any crisis situation. During any crisis such as the sinking of the Titanic or a burning building, famine or any other crisis. More 3rd class women were saved as a % than 1st class children aboard the 1912 Titanic. During Haiti’s earthquake in 2010 women got rations before men. Where are the feminists then demanding equal treatment? Men are expected to DIE so that the life of a woman can be saved and this HAS been the case for centuries! The Titanic is a perfect illustration that women in the past were VALUED – NOT oppressed as the Liberal media tells you.
    27. Anciently captured white European slaves were forced to do labour. What labour? Women did domestic duties while male slaves were forced into the mines where they generally died or to row galley ships and endured far more brutal torture than the female slaves.
    28. Men had the right to have NO workplace protections while seeing laws pass in the 1840’s (The Factory Acts) which granted women workplace protections decades before men had any.
    29. Men had the right to be demanded by society to modify their language and behaviour and place women on a pedestal while they were around women.
    30. Men have the right to be forced to fight in wars to protect women resulting in dismemberment, torture, psychological torture, blindness, deafness, amputees or death. Women have been traditionally spared the horrors of war.
    31. Men had the right to be given THE DEATH PENALTY in the USA if they avoided the draft and refused to fight in a war. Women had no such obligation.
    32. Men have the right to see male Suffrage ignored by history. What’s that you say? Women in Canada earned the right to vote on May 24, 1918. When did men get it? 1920! YES Two years later. Have you ever heard this in school or University? In 1867, when Canada had a population of 3.5 million there were just 360,000 voters, most of whom were men but some of whom were women. Just 10% of the population were eligible to vote. The vote was not based on gender, it was based on property taxes paid and income primarily. Neither gender had the vote “just because” they were male or female.
    33. Men had the right, historically, to go to jail if his wife refused to be her taxes. HE not her was responsible to ensure that her taxes were paid.
    34. Men have the right to be more likely to either suffer injury or die on the job – over 90% are men.
    35. Men have the right to be FORCED to pay the same Canada Pension Plan rates as women despite drawing them on average 12 years less than women who can retire 5 years earlier and live an average of 7 years longer.
    36. Men have the right to be FORCED by the state to work 5 years longer (aged 67 vs. 62 for women) to draw this pension which they will draw an average of 12 years less since on average men die at 72 and women 79. 72-67 =5 and 79-62 = 17. 17-5 =12 years longer!
    37. Using the same logic as the previous, Men have the right to pay higher life insurance rates as women; men are required to pay more because they do die younger.
    38. Men have the right to be the recipient of violent crimes 75-80% of the time.
    39. Men have the right to longer prison sentencing for the exact same crime.
    40. Men have the right to be denied due process of law; the USA VAWA Act of 1994 as one such example gives women the power to accuse a man of a crime they did not commit and to have him jailed and his life ruined.
    41. Men have the right to see 99% of their gender be lumped in with the 1% worst of the male gender of rapists and batterers whereas females committing such crimes are viewed as victims and often have their crimes excused away to a far greater degree.
    42. Men have the right to be portrayed as idiots on TV ads and in the Hollywood industry. The reverse would be deemed “sexist”.
    43. Likely due to all of the above men have the right to die an average of 7 years earlier than their oppressed female counterparts.
    44. Likely due to all the above MEN make up over 80% of suicides Vs. Their female counterparts.

  • Dreaming Music

    Except that Pres Trump NEVER said that he can grab ALL women by the pussy.
    Pres Trump was talking about GOLD DIGGING WHORES who shove their pussies into the faces of rich, famous and powerful men because they WANT their pussies grabbed. All you have to do is listen to the WHOLE 5 minute video and it’s immediately obvious.
    But the LYING STREAM MEDIA are so corrupt, vile and wretched that they twist every goddam thing to mean whatever they want it to mean.

  • David Mcconniel

    Why are you still on Patreon, the great suppressors of Truth.
    Let me know when you’re doing more than selling your ass.

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