The Battle For Syria – You Were Warned!

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For those who have been paying attention we’ve seen this coming from a mile away! The agenda to overtake Syria and Iran have been in the works for decades and there has been an incremental push of propaganda leading us to where we are today with the US, the UK and France on the attack in Syria! This is a video that was filmed over 6 years ago with Dan Dicks of Press For Truth on Press TV warning that the US and their allies are planning on staging a false flag attack in the form of a chemical attack on the Syrian people to be blamed on Assad as an excuse to invade militarily under the guise of a humanitarian mission.

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  • Press For Truth

    The part where I predict what we’re seeing today starts at 6:56 😉 Please support real independent media we need all the help we can get in the face of this rampant propaganda! If you’re like to support you can donate here

  • Used to love OPBC

    There is no battle for Syria. It is over. There was a short, precise operation in conjunction with Russia AND ASSAD! Just keep your eyes open…Rouges are out. That’s it.

  • A3 Skywarrior

    If its not chemical attacks its Iraqi soldiers killing babies in incubators. That one was totally false under Bush Sr. Just say anything to get public approval, pull on their heart strings. Total war propaganda such as “They hate us for our freedom”. OMG, I hope we are no longer falling for this crap anymore.

  • Cat in canada

    Yes, all leaders would so gas the crap out of their people when their winning. Doesn’t this make anyone question the whole ‘Sadam gassed his own people” narrative?? Trump is fighting for the greater Israel project. The Israeli elite Zionist crime syndicate has Trumps total support. There are no nations. No countries….only families ruling idiot ppl living on their particular plot of the plane-t. It’s time to awaken my wonderful humans <3

  • Cherri Zirkel

    You all want to ramp up trump removed chemicals no body died! Now you want to war threat because trump removed chemicals that was used on its peoples.

  • Silverstone

    The fact is either Russia and China will control the Middle East or the west. The Middle East simply is not capable of holding off any world power.
    Dan Dicks is starting to sound very anti west. Logic going out the window as the ego grows.
    The West has problems but so does every culture. Doesn’t mean you turncoat.

  • 2016

    No offence meant but Since when does a reporter in Tehran contact a guy (however smart and well- informed) from the west about policy and warfare in the Middle East.

  • Marcy Darcy

    It’s eye-opening to look back and realize you’ve been snowed for so fucking long. Wow you totally bought into the poor Muslim propaganda and your eyebrow ring declared yourself to be a douche.

  • Brian Clark

    Let solve this quickly Anons? This will not take long if we do this as a collective unit. Who profits from war? How can we skip this? It’s easier than you think.

  • M W

    I think you’re spot on Dan – Alex Jones lost his mind though – definitely sold out as controlled Opposition. I think you’re honest – been following you since your early bilderburg days. I think Assad and Trump are ‘playing’ enemies and Assad is in some way related to biblical figures by ancestry. Not gonna say Jesus.. but it wouldn’t surprise me.

    I agree it was a false flag, but I think Mattis is aware and they’re playing counter moves and picking targets wisely. I have to believe that 😉

  • hunkey monkey

    All these wars, and open boarders through out the world.

    The wars politicians, elites, making billions, over 150,000 dead, & counting.

    Arab Spring, & open boarders around the world nothing more than massive transfer of wealth.

    Question it, your a racist.

    Even though we fund it, with our ever increasing taxes, where we get far less then ever before.

  • douglas begley

    Enjoy your channel but what happens to old videos that predictions didn’t come true. I told you so stuff is arrogant mate

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