New Book DESTROYS Myths About The Canadian Economy – A MUST Read!

Josh Sigurdson sits down with author and economic analyst John Sneisen to talk about his new book “Canada, The Greatest Economy In The World? The Facts You Are Not Being Told About Your Money And How To Protect Yourself From The Coming Crises”.
John has been piecing this book together for a couple of years, compiling the most NEED TO KNOW information regarding the Canadian economy and markets as people falsely claim the Canadian economy is world renowned and inspirational.
In this video, John breaks down the chapters of the book in 13 points and why you should buy the book which really revolutionizes the mainstream understanding of the Canadian economy.
There’s nothing like this book out there on the Canadian economy and it’s already making the rounds as an Amazon Best Seller in the Macroeconomics section, beating out John Maynard Keynes and Kenneth Rogoff.

You can buy the book here:

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • No Fix

    Canada is a socialist sewer. Marxist feminism, massive cuckoldry, runaway profligacy, pole position in collapsing birth rate, and deeply immoral suppression of freedom and personal liberties.

  • snippythehorse

    Canadian banks exposed to trillions in derrivatives, Canadian politicians sold out to Goldman Sachs and the Globalists,
    Canadian Citizens too gutless to even protest…..

  • watcher on the wall

    they run the same scheme over and over , start with a sound economy , entice you with loans of free money at low rates ( flood the system with dollars they print for nothing) then when everyone is in debt and everything you own is used for collateral they constrict the dollar economy back into the banks with tighter loan qualifications and hick up the rates , and end up foreclosing on all assets free of charge, plus for an added bonus all the money you paid out on those car loans, house loans , boat loans etc etc. for years … and its a wash, rinse, repeat,…. throughout history , just cant see why people are so blind to this , only reason can be is because they dont really care as long as they can enjoy life and feel successful for a short time till SHTF , bottom line is bankers and politicians should be hung out to dry so this game of musical chairs stops , once and for all , let there be consequences for what they do, take away their right to print money …and it wont happen anymore , currency needs to be backed with something so it cant be printed to oblivion but then you got politicians making laws to protect the banks so that wont happen and they are protected to continue … , and they call this a democracy … they all need to hang, its a rigged system and the house always wins , cause the house makes the rules , actually in this case .. THE QUEEN……… CANADIANS ARE NOTHING MORE THEN MERE SERFS TO A TYRANNIC RULER, the usa had the right idea ,…no taxation without representation, we have no governing body here and that’s where we must start for change along with rule of law , same for all peoples including the elete, and stop the life pensions for politicians cause they served for 4 years , that in itself is a joke , imagine working 4 yrs , rather sitting on your ass doing nothing for 4 years and getting a high paid pension for life …WTF people wake the hell up!

  • StockStory

    curious about the rsp tax on the back end. are you saying it is higher than regular tax rates? love your vids but always understood I get taxed when withrawing from a riff but thought it would be at regular tax rates for my income category. if I am right that does not seem to be ponzi scheme. thnx

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