The Ancient Egyptian Coverup! – What Is The Government Hiding?

In this video from Adam Kokesh’s channel, Adam interviews WAM’s Josh Sigurdson about the possibility of a coverup by the Egyptian government and other governments around the world regarding an ancient civilization.
Dr. Zahi Hawass who was of course the minister of antiquities in Egypt has long refused alternative theories about the history of Egypt and human civilization itself. He has stood in the way of archaeological excavations when radar clearly shows tunnels under the Sphinx and within the Great Pyramid. He has refused theories by world class geologists who say the Sphinx is much older than many believe due to obvious water erosion around its enclosure.
Massive monoliths have been buried in garbage by the government. Destroyed in Cairo. Barred off from the public throughout Egypt.

In this video, Josh breaks down many of the ways the Egyptian government and other governments around the world are covering up ancient human history. Was there a massive human cataclysm nearly 10,000 years ago?

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Josh Sigurdson
Adam Kokesh

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  • Danibolical 1

    Neanderthals were breeding with humans in the middle east up to about 30,000 years ago. The hybrids devolved into the ruling class we have today. Look up the working celtic cross. You’ll see. It leads right into who the elite is today, which is why all the intentional confusion.

  • wiley schmitt

    Always an interesting subject, and I’d recommend looking at Secretkeyactivator’s channel to get more insights on these kind of topics of our true origins.

  • Quorn News Network

    Alien Vs Predator. The flashback scenes of the pyramids are a very accurate depiction of who really build ancient Egypt.

  • BiddieTube

    Humans, again, have just recently become able to lift the heaviest of the ancient building blocks, assuming that 3,000 tons is about as heavy as they are. Check out this video
    Note that this crane must be partially assembled, a thick steel platform assembled, the crane crawls onto platform, then the crane is complete assembled. It must work in place, can only swing (rotate). Note the huge counterweight trailer in back of the crane that also must rotate in sync with the crane. In this video, I think he said that they took a year and a half to plan this lift.
    And so, even if those who built those ancient structures had the equipment we have today, they still would not stand a chance with it. Remember, those blocks were quarried quite a distance away from the building site, and today, we do not have any way to move these large blocks up and down hills and mountains. We can move them on flat ground though as long as there is a real strong and wide roadway with no obstructions.
    Note that this equipment would be useless to build pyramids due to their height and width. This crane can only lift something that is right in front of it, swing, and place object back down right in front of the crane.

  • Leda Blue

    Josh, you can’t just speculate let’s see the evidence? Also, it has been shown that the people who built the pyramids weren’t slaves. You should check out a university library in the stacks on how they built the pyramids, not saying the tunnels aren’t there, of course there were ancient civilizations, there were many. Don’t take anything at face value, you’d be surprised what people could build thousands of years ago.

  • Athanasius Philopatoris Maximus Antonios

    why would we allow amateurs to get into such places … destroying Dr Hawass’s reputation because he hasn’t allowed you as non professional to get into some certain areas … we never said it built as tombs it was a fukin theory and theories get refuted when more research is done

  • Brandoregularo

    Been into the Pyramid for 24 years. Its amazing, its where Isaac Newton got the measurement for the inch. The Sand stone was most likely poured into forms. The technology could have existed dissolved and reconstituted. Similar tech is available today for marble and limestone.

  • Brandoregularo

    The pyramid of giza is a mathematical book in stone giving the dates for all 9 major prophets of God proving all religions are one and we are all brothers and sisters.

  • Giovanni Ziti

    🙂 CIA and ISIS are the same. Funny how the different governments think they are the end all be all of information and truth. Which, as history shows, have never been truthful.

  • BornOnTheWater

    Huge CNC machines? Brian F is always finding saw cuts and evidence of 3-D printing. I’m pondering that the earth is not only flat but is a mining operation. Is the reason that so much metal and minerals were needed because giant machines were needed. Maybe the megalithic polygonal foundations were part of the form work or structure needed to build the sky. Is the infinite plane 2-D and riddled with 3-D bubbles in which the material needed by the machines transmutes? After all humans are the ultimate of all things 3-D and breathing. Aliens in this matrix would not need flying saucers if there is no space, but submarines to traverse the cold depths, under the ice to the next mine or the city of gold.

  • Mark Shirley

    Josh, solve this mystery. One man abandoned by his own followers even, did something which split history for the whole world 2,018 years ago. He was crucified on a cross like thousands of other people had been, but He did something not one other had ever done, and that was rise from the dead three days later so convincingly, the over 500 people who were with Him for the next 40 days, chose a martyrs death at political and religious hands rather than deny Jesus is alive. Jesus claimed to be God in the flesh, which is what got Him killed, and He rose from the dead proving that to be so, and that is what turned the world upside down all the way up to today with thousands still choosing a martyr’s death rather than deny Jesus to be alive in them. Pyramids and giants and all manner of mysteries are interesting to be sure, but knowing these mysteries will not get you to heaven escaping hell. Only receiving Jesus blood shed to pay for your sin will. Take care, not a lot of time left to choose that before things go Mad-Max globally.

  • gg jack

    the elites know the history they keep it secret they twist and distort everything so we can never find out. makes me sick

  • Nicodemus Dean

    Saturn controls time ( The cube, The Grim Reaper, Father time, Chronos etc etc). It was our Sun before the rising of the Phoenix, (our current Sun). Saturn controls time here in our matrix. It’s being bound with rings to be controlled againsed us.( The Lord of the rings) If you want so go way out there listen to Flat Earth Paradise or QuasiLuminious , Quasi sounds totally insane but he makes conections that will amaze. There is a way out of this matrix.

  • Murray Krause

    12,500 years ago the Holocene. (Precession of Equinox) A cycle in our solarsystem’s passage around the center of the Milky Way galaxy (Mayan timeline) We are now at end/beginning of new cycle. Geologists can demonstrate in rock strata conditions at that time. Past evidence if u take a big shovel and dig – the big freeze and subsequent melting.

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