The War In Syria From A Syrian Perspective – What You NEED To Know!

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In the face of a strong propaganda campaign aimed at convincing the west that Assad attacked his own people with chemical weapons it is extremely important that we counter this spin machine as much as possible because lives are now literally at stake. The US along with their allies France and the UK recently bombed strategic locations in Syria BEFORE an investigation could take place and unless we expose the lies for what they are the situation in Syria will only continue to escalate. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviews Kevork Almassian of Syriana Analysis, a Syrian man born and raised in Aleppo Syria to get his perspective on the atrocities that are currently unfolding right before our very eyes.

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  • Press For Truth

    Folks the propaganda spin machine is working overtime and we need to counter it now more than ever!! Please share this important and vital information! And if you appreciate my efforts please consider making a donation every little bit helps

  • Mandy Hamilton

    So nice to know and here the real truth and this is much credibility in this gent than the entire corrupt America government


    I don’t believe anything the western media says any more…I didn’t believe this fake gas attack for one second…I am ashamed as a Canadian of our leadership going along with this evil agenda…even people I thought were above believing the BS are being mislead…God bless and I pray daily for the Syrian people…doug

  • Zeta Reticuli

    Videos like this is what’s going to take away the power from the powerful and bring it back to the people where it belongs. We need more discourse like this from ordinary citizens around the world to defeat the state propaganda

  • 2MauiAngels

    People need to see WHO owns the msm-in 120 seconds: THESE are the people spreading Falsehood on the American population. Maybe we should ask Them WHY they keep Lying to our entire population? Could it be because our economy is about to collapse, & IF they can get a War started, they can Blame the ‘War’ for the Financial Crisis that is about to occur? Then their JuCentral Bankers & Federal Reserve ‘friends’ wont be accused of manipulating everyone with their Fiat dollars & Interest Rate Scam, that is making ALL of us poorer, while the juBankers take our wealth? People wont care about getting rid of the Central Bankers & Fed, IF a War is happening, & the goyim are told that War is the reason for our financial system Failing. Could THAT be Why the juOwners of msm keep pushing us into supporting a War? Last week it was China. Before that it was NKorea. Last year it was Syria, AGAIN, with the SAME Fake ‘chemical attack’ by Assad. Lets ASK them about all this.

  • WorldPeaceMaker2000

    The Sunni Extremists are after the Shias. The Shias are the believers in the grandson of Prophet Mohammed.
    They don’t believe in extreme Islamic believes and any violence.
    The Shias believe that in the end times Prophet Jesus and the 12th Apostle Mehdi will get rid of tyranny and all the violence.
    They respect Christians, Jews and other religions.
    Unfortunately there is a genocide of Shias in the World.
    Let’s all fight evil and work for peace in this World!!!

  • HelloyeloNo1

    You guys look like brothers from the same mother- only difference is… one of you has less facial hair. Are you sure it wasn’t the same person doing the two characters 🙂



  • ken jackson

    the germans took the guns away from the communist and other threats to germany do your history dumb fucks, hitler just wanted to give german people a better life, the holocaust is a total lie BY JEWS, those where all work camps! watch jim rizoli channel, THE JEWS THINK THEY ARE THE CHOSEN ONES!! THEY WANT TO RULE OVER ALL OF US!! DO THE HISTORY BEFORE THEY OWN YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

  • Craig Mouldey

    Thanks for your hard work Dan, and this interview. We live in an empire of lies. I’m sorry for what has happened in Syria, brought from the U.S. and their allies. I’m afraid they now intend to finish the job soon. It appears now only Russia can stop this. I don’t know if they will. The outcome will be horrendous. And it will be as bad or worse if they don’t. If I was American, I would have voted for Trump, given his promises. Now, I only wonder if he fooled everyone from the start or he has been compromised and has surrendered. The end result is the same.

  • Debbie Shute

    Check out the link on youtube Real media: direct action to stop a war.Warning it contains graphic images. This will prove the sheer hypocracy of Teresa May who has just stated the attack on Syria was morally right. This was about oil in the Golan Heights thats been occupied by Israel for some time now and they are looking to advance further into Syria for the same reason. I will add another link to show exactly who else is involved in this insidious quest for oil.

  • Sizzlean

    I’ve said it a thousand times and I’m going to keep saying it until people know about this very important fact and it is called SOCKPUPPETS. If google will allow you to find the articles you will find the first one just a few weeks before the so called uprising in syria, I read it and knew instantly what it meant, please read everything from that time as I have no idea what kind of spin or lies might be in current stuff. It allows a grunt to make a statement in english and have up to 100 sockpuppet accounts translate and fix any problems all automatically and post them to different accounts on different social outlets making sure none of them are logged into the same site at the same time. yep it started peacefully and then quickly turned into what it became because of SOCKPUPPETS people. Civil War my ass!

    P.S. if that guy hadn’t opened his mouth and revealed his tongue he could pass for a white guy any day of the week huh? Nice show, awesome guest, I just hope you guys are not holding your breathe because the sentiment around here is simple “Don’t bother me with your facts, my mind is made up already” Never the less all is recorded, all is seen by the one who made us and your efforts are what determines who is a peacemonger and who is an ostrich with their heads in the sand. This world will be rebuilt after the idiots destroy it and then it will be an inheritance to one people and you know who those people are, and it aint no worthless lying warmonger goldfish brained maniacs.


    The world has gone mad. Liberalism is a disease that causes the mind to melt, the mouth to foam and load shrieks to be emitted from your orifices.

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