Max Igan on Christianity, Islam and Judaism

Hear Max’s opinion of the modern theistic religions – Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Have the trinity of religious mind control really been taken over? Are they designed to fail? Max Igan provides his opinion of what the original 3 religions were supposed to be like.

Max Igan

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  • Organic Mechanic

    Max is 100% correct. The King James version has been altered. The book of Enoch has been removed. Book 1 is gospel but all the other books are satanic. In the 1st book of Enoch, it clearly explains our earth and what’s above it and what’s below it, and accurate details about God. Its amazing how easy it is to deceive humans. Tartaria is another great example. This is one of the first times if heard Max acknowledge Christianity. There’s hope for him yet!!!! Amen! 😎

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