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  • Thako Othiamba Davidson

    Thank You Lenon, for the birthday greetings and wish the best for the whole Honor family, thank you, thank you. I love you too family.

  • S Colter

    Love your content. I’ve been binge watching for the last couple of days. You’ve gained a new subscriber; keep up the good work!!

  • Rashida6891

    Thank you for sharing. You are inspirational. ❤️💕🙏🏾

    Happy Holidays and see you in 2019. Love to the Honor family.

  • ArtKrishnamurti

    I really appreciate and needed this. It’s hard balancing your goals and aspirations while remaining grounded to the realities that surround you. Being mindful of your ancestors and allowing that to humble or ground you is great advice! Humility is hard work for us egoic beings.

    As far as your production of content, I could always use more (play you in the background as I work), but certainly can wait patiently until you find more time. Can’t believe how much is on your plate! Whew! But it does seem clear that you are a teacher in spirit and form. So it should all work out fine in due time.

  • Audrey Lane

    You are right-we must all be humble. I tell you what-my MS has humbled me and made me more patient at the same time. 🤔

  • Heartistic Fanm

    Praise be to Yah of Israel ! I may be wrong, but I think it is of Him !… Enjoy your growth in the Truth ! Happy journey !!

  • Genesispersonaltransformation

    I don’t know why you get dislike. I love it. Everything in life happen for you and because of you. We are the cause and the event come to us as we needed. That day, when I had a very really bad day. It need to happen because I saw a stranger care for me, when I was crying outside on the streets at night. I wanted to just jump in the road in front of a car.

    But that guy who was passing by. We say something. He say you need help or something. And as he walked. I ran up to him and say why did you do that? He say I was cool. I hug him. I can smile the beer of him. People do care. I saw it. : Thanks to him. He save my life. He made my day. He change my life.

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