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  • Lenon Honor

    This video was supposed to be for premium members and patreon members but I accidentally uploaded it for everyone to see. I did not want to make a public announcement on the issues discussed in this video but I figured things happened this way because a public announcement needed to be made. Love you all.

  • praetoriancorps

    Take care, don’t stress too much, I know from experience what long-term stress can do to you, and because of that, I am unable to do manual labour.
    Congratulations with your new job.

  • Skylightatdusk

    Is it possible to gain more earning potential by going as far as you can with the Psychology (and counseling from home which you and your family would love).

    Goodness knows you would do well and already have a large potential client base (that many doctors would envy).

  • Divine Free-Dome

    Lenon, you really just need a business coach — someone to help you market your products and services better. With 48k subscribers your customers are already in place, because people know, like, and trust you. Hell, you could even write a course for men and open up a school on Thinkific, Teachable, or Udemy. It would sell out extremely fast! Manual labor (if it is not your desire) and college need not be the things that take up any more time from your family, your interests, and your entrepreneurial pursuits unless they are truly what you want to do. You really already hold the wealth in your hands. You’re very gifted. People would pay good money just to hear you speak at conferences. Just a few things to ponder. Respectfully… Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  • NubiaGoddess Life

    Transition all depends on how you take it. I always sleep on it and ask the universe to guide me on my next journey. You are not old at all you are in your prime. You are a real man not afraid to do what it takes to take care of your family. You are very honorable yes pun on your name. But that’s how I know everything is going to work out!

  • JD Bailey

    See if your former school has online classes so you can finish that degree. A transfer could result could result in lost credits. Maybe there is a Master’s in Music or Sound Therapy?

  • Ebony Hoffman

    lenon first let me say im extremely happy for you and your dear family, and your perspective is on point-we revisit situations until we learn what is being taught.πŸŒΊπŸ’–β˜Ί

  • SC H

    What about finishing the music degree and then a Master’s in Psychology or Anthropology? I just mention that because I love the way you do critical analysis in your videos. As someone with an advanced degree it helps in this current climate of the world to have two different degree disciplines. It makes you more versatile and sellable to employers.

  • PalomaNegra85

    You would be a great music teacher and it would be a great way to salvage your credits and bump it up with as music education degree! So many options. Congratulations!

  • Juan Lewis

    You are not old, and yes I agree its never too late. Appreciate the honesty. I like how you assess your stress level as normal thing you do regularly. I find that very interesting. I let my stress get out of control and act like I don’t know why it’s abnormal.

  • Norey Jackson

    Thanks for sharing Lenon, I feel I’m in a similar situation. Different person but similar situation but this time because of my former experience and growth I can and will handle things better and continue to grow in ones self journey. Oh by the way, perhaps a a career as a Music teacher. The best of both worlds, developing young mind and creating beautiful music. Just a thought πŸ€”. Take care!

  • LovewarriorforGOD

    Bless you and your family Lenon. Its definitely never too late to pursue an education. I went back to college at 30 thinking I was too old but heck no! Having life experience and wisdom is such an asset as it will enable you to give so much more to others and life.

  • Victoria Toussaint-Hill

    Hi Lenon glad i found ur videos again, since you are tired of manual labor, i suggest you work from home, there are many opportunities and if your kids dont like public school as there are bullies and certain agendas nowadays, you can work from home like i do and have the kids if they are disciplined enough to work on their school work online, check out K-12 in California, if yall still live there. Also check out Sykes, Teletech, and Sitel all have customer service jobs, you have a good voice and men seem to do well with these customer service jobs. There are also benefits for your wife and kids, I wish you and your family all the best.

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