Quebec Terror Attack – What They’re Not Telling You!

6 people have been killed with many others wounded at a mosque in Quebec city, a shooter has been identified as Alexandre Bissonnette and in this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth points to the root causes of this issue with a call for an open source investigation into actions potentially carried out by CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service). Support us on Patreon ➜


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  • Sylvia Majetich

    final spin, military bases across Canada which have been closed down. so we
    have vets who are homeless, who live in hostels, etc. and refugees living
    in those shut down bases. military pensions are pathetic.

  • Zee R

    This terrorist attack was done by a white Christian extremist simple! Is it
    that hard to say? Terrorist is a terrorist doesn’t matter what colour it
    comes with.

  • rene tanner

    I’m so ashamed of justine troudeau.
    Please somebody help us !
    Canada will be lost to the globalist and open borders,,,,free for all.
    The invasion is coming

  • Stetson Griffin

    Poor Canada! They can never get a break on a good terrorist event! Just
    make it up! What a joke this country is!

  • Shawn Jones

    all these “truth” pages commenters are all israelpublican bots these days.
    A guy many of us real libertarian people may have known Moxnews was a
    liberal hippy of the highest order, his page is all rightwing nuts and he
    is too

  • Johnny

    The math on this incident just adds up to a false flag. It could not fit
    into the Canadian Government’s (read George Soros’s) agenda any perfectly.
    Remember if it’s too good to be true, that is because it isn’t true.

  • curtis munday

    Here we go. Canada is going to be just like the us. I wonder if soros has
    something to do behind this all. In cahoots with our own Trudeau.

  • Yemira

    Hey dan. Do some digging on the CSIS agent that was captured by turkey
    trying to recruit Brits to join ISIS. They are also actively trying to
    recruit drug addicts. But they are not alone. BC Supreme Court found the
    RCMP recruiting, funding, planning and assisting with execution of terror
    plots by using helpless drug addicts.

  • New World Agenda

    Dan, you were wrong about Ottawa, and I called you out pretty hard. But
    these are the types of videos that we need from you. There’s something
    WAAAYY too fishy about this one. Thanks.

  • szczy1234

    Trudeau is an idiot. where in the world is a socialist or communist country
    that people are not running away. in Cuba people are building rafts from
    garbage. North Korea , China etc. these socialist and communist countries
    oppress their citizens. in Canada people work hard and the liberals steal
    their money and give to bums.

  • Rick Dangerous

    LOL why would a Canadian kill Muslims and then claim allegiance to Trump?
    It makes no sense so OBVIOUSLY this is a false flag….

  • Chadasana Yoga

    I read that Bissonette’s family has ties to the military. He and Khadir
    were alleged buddies as kids in the cadets. If it’s CSIS fingerprints like
    he says, it could be Canadian MK Ultra…after all they used to work on
    trauma based mind control experiments in conjunction with the CIA & McGill
    University. Even tho officially the programs have been “terminated” or
    “discontinued” for quite some time, that shit still exists. It’s more like
    those programs go underground

  • Jenius Forrestal

    Justin Trudeau, a filmaker is called a twin to his older brother Prime
    Minister Alexandre Trudeau because they were born on Christmas day two
    years apart Is Trudeau a common name because I found another Alex
    Bissonnette on facebook with relatives named Trudeau?

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