This Major Political Idea Is Spreading Like A Fire

In this video, Luke and Jason of WeAreChange bring you the latest from Paris France, and why the fire only seems to be starting there

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SNAPCHAT: LukeWeAreChangenprecedented insight into this years Bilderberg Conference In Turin Italy with amazing coverage which has included numerous confrontations and interviews despite a very heavy-handed police force. Jason helps to make sense of it all with Truthstream Medias own Aaron and Melissa Dyke

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  • WolfgangFelix

    you guys are always way way way way……way too naive. which is ok. few can think like total evil motherfuckers that rule the world. enjoy your bubble.

  • Patrick Massey

    I have now UNSUBSCRIBED, your anti Q video is all it took! Expect visits from Q army! You are DISINFORMATION! GOOD BYE AND GOOD LUCK!

  • Abject Permanence

    At around 24:30, Luke compared a proposed referendum system to one that exists in California. He contrasted them by saying California’s is on the “state” level, while France would be in a “national” level. I don’t think this is an accurate way of thinking about these places. France is a formerly independent state who in recent history has joined a union of other similar nation states, the European Union. Meanwhile, California is a formerly independent republic who joined a union of states in North America, the United States of America. California and France are similar sized states with similar Federal governments bearing down on them, even though these Federal governments were originally intended only as unions of independent states.

  • Thomas Windegger

    French here: The police is targetting any people wich could organize the movement, they are taking away any protection from people, like helmets, gaz masks, or physiological serums to wash out tear gaz. They are filtering roads and ways to join the manifestation and each times the try to encircle the protest and make it the most nightmarish situation to be in. Yellow vest are mostly peacefull protester, protecting shops and moving against people who destroy urban items. Police are asked to harass people, it’s really sad.

  • Holographic Sol

    they wouldn’t let me grade, they planned this all along. in primary school we were given tests and there were
    two tests. not two tests each but a test for some people and a different test for others so i used my initiative and decided i would do both even though that’s what NO ONE EVER DID. i did. the teacher thought it was a good idea too and i knew i could do it. later once the lesson was over it wasn’t okay anymore and i got moved down. everything makes sense for so long now.
    then hey lets just reduce his consciousness manually with ‘intervention’. big pharma. the guilty are among us my dudes, very close. trying to reduce consciousness in the time of awakening. they’d have us dumbed down creating mind suppressing drugs and napalm to destroy ourselves ignorantly.
    now the whole world knows exactly what is happening.
    its happening everywhere.

  • Holographic Sol

    they would tell us we are empty machines while they use us and reduce our ability to think for ourselves.
    so have faith 🙂 because why would someone do that to you?

  • Daniel Burkhard

    Thanks for doin a good job! Stumbled ovee your channel bec of the jre w dorsey story. Since them i watch you guys and i’m impressed! Much love n support outta 🇨🇭! If ya need a couch to crash on once you’re welcome. N sorry my bad english✌

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