UMAR JOHNSON’S SCHOOL SCAM Part 1 ~ From Umar’s Own Mouth

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Umar Johnson Post #1:

Umar Johnson’s Post #2:

Umar Johnson’s Post #3:

Umar Johnson’s Post #4:

Youtube Anti Afro Svengalis:

Youtube: Dr. Tracey McCarthy:

Umar Johnson says that if he purchases St. Paul’s College then the school will open in 2015:

Umar Johnson promises that his school will be open in 2017:

Umar Johnson promises that his school will be open in 2018:

Umar Johnson promises that his school will open in 2018 and 2019:

Umar Johnson promises that his school will open in 2019:

Umar Johnson verbally abusing his supporters:

2014 Umar’s original fundraising video:

2014 footage of Umar talking about purchasing Saint Paul’s College:

2017 Umar talks about his school search and his plans to build multiple schools:

2017 Umar Johnson promises that a school location will be announced on January 1st, 2018:

2018 Umar Johnson says he will put a bid in for a school but never does:

Umar calls his supporters “Trifling ass black people”: (1:18:36 Mark)


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  • Lenon Honor

    0:00 Introduction
    6:10 Scammers
    16:36 Screen share starts
    25:25 The different personas of Umar Johnson
    39:00 How long has the school scam been going?
    41:09 In 2010, Umar started raising money for a special education school that was to open in 2013.
    46:00 Attacks against BLACK LGTB COMMUNITY
    50:00 4 years into the school scam
    1:01:58 In 2014, Umar said he was a public school principal. In 2018, he said he had been working as a school psychologists for nearly 10 years — two full-time jobs while constantly traveling across the United States and abroad for speaking engagements.?
    1:05:05 slide 2 – Is Umar a principle or a certified school psychologist?
    1:16:00 slide 3 – Umar says school open by 2015
    1:19:15 slide 4 – Umar says school open by 2017
    1:23:18 slide 5 – Umar says school own by 2018
    1:26:15 slide 6 – Umar says school open 8/21/2018
    1:28:20 – Umar “resigns” as principal 1:30:38 – “poppa season 1/2018.. 8/21/18”; filming himself in front of or on school properties 1:39:18 – paypal/gofundme complaints; contributor frustration; stripper scandal/drama
    1:45:04 – beef; Umar’s motivation; funding lifestyle; addictions
    1:51:54 – audio clip; Umar questioned about school opening/delays on Mike Nice show on Citizens’ TV interview
    1:55:00 – Umar not a descendant of Frederick Douglas; DNA results (Does DNA lie?); Victims
    2:12:43 – vague excuses, lack of definitive answers; shifting responsibility
    2:16:21 – audio clip; stars aligned: Umar found the one
    2:22:12 – unfolding the manipulation (over-selling; playing on victims fears; word play; repetition)
    2:44:32 – message to Umar’s supporters (believing the lie); self reflection
    2:46:35 – wrapping up audio clip; ghost FDMG prospective property (lack of detailed info); Umar’s phone consultation
    2:55:03 – audio clip; Umar speaks on multi-culturalism; holistic teachings; Umar scolds black people on lack of donations; entitlement
    3:04:24 – still promoting a failed project 8 years later; FDMG pillows
    3:07:05 – audio clip; Umar’s tone regarding black people (abusive); contradicting statement (“i am a principal vs. when i was a principal”)
    3:18:34 – audio clip; school opening 8/21/2019
    3:20:00 – audio clip; school location 1/1/2019; UK school?; derogatory terms against black ppl; more overselling
    3:31:34 – audio clip; “war on black boys”
    3:38:13 – close; an unfulfilled promise is a lie

  • E Jazzy

    All his blind financial supporters been helping him to take care of himself and to fund the child support of his two kids over past years!!!!! That’s why you won’t hear from them!!!

  • Jay Klaxton

    Let paraphrase what was said here: He couldn’t do this to another race of people and get away with it..

    Well have you or anyone else reported his conduct? Let me guess…No. And if there was an investigation by some chance early on, what would the story be then?

  • Brooklynsecrets Brooklynsecrets

    All the people that gave him money should sue his ass and put him in jail . thats really dirty what he has done to his own people smfh he got all that mouth & no action

  • Joyce G

    I don’t know ANY principal who is able to travel like that. No way! Principals don’t even get summers off. Also principals would have had to teach a minimum of 10 years. He never talks about a teaching career. He would also have passed a principals certification exam, /Praxis which is public info.

  • Angela Brown

    I’m very glad that I never gave money to umar johnson’s channel or to his school.I was very blessed that I saw you tube videos of people exposing him before even thinking about donating to his nonexistent school.When I found out he was a fraud I wrote in the comment thank you for exposing him.At that time I didn’t know he was even collecting for a school.I only saw a few impressive videos that he made that I liked.But after seeing videos of him being expose I personally stopped watching and supporting his videos.I went from subscribed to unsubscribed.

  • Angela Brown

    I heard that video over a year ago and that really turned me off from umar johnson.I already stopped looking at his videos.but that further turned me off.I can’t stand when our own people talk down to black people.who the hell he think he is.Especially after he collected 250, 000 dollars from them.That doesn’t sound like a sincere person who trying to start a school for black children.when he said he better have some more and some more, that sound like a low life pimp judging by the tone of his content.

  • vajleexi

    If you are willing to boost your pride and confidence by listening to someone else like Mr. Umar to empower you, then why aren’t you willing to empower yourself by boosting pride and confidence from within?

  • astroHOBBES

    You had me cracking up! Thank you for sharing this insightful information. It may not be pretty for other black people, but us checking our own is how it should be. Peace and blessings to you and your family~

  • Joanie Blackman

    People ho playing with people maind and lei for money.god see hear every thing god know every steps what people do and says.if people live good you have good karma if people live wrong lei for money you ghat bad karma

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