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  • Azariyah Blumbard

    I haven’t watched you in a long time but you would be a great counselor and mentor especially for the younger generation.

  • Miss Q

    Hi Lenon. I agree with you. I grew up in a family where the adults used the word nigga, were verbally abusive, they’d discount my feelings & opinions & were prejudiced against my mother who was mixed with light skin & had “good hair” & myself who was more mixed with light skin & so called “better hair”. The dark skinned people in my family hated us. My own cousins wanted to date me & I never felt comfortable around them. There are too too many generational curses in my family.
    I made sure they stopped with me because I didn’t want my children to feel the way I did growing up or in my adulthood. I don’t date or even talk to men or women who use these terms for themselves or to describe other people. I’m not better than them but I see more problems if I’m around this ignorance.
    I was always called white girl because I didn’t used the word ain’t & spoke proper English, didn’t listen to disrespectful music & wouldn’t smoke weed or drink on the porch. I’m not white. I just wanted a better life for myself & children. Iron sharpens iron. You have to put yourself around people who want better for themselves, not people who are ignorant & abusive.
    Calling a black person white is supposed to be an insult but really the person who says it is insulting themselves. It implies that White people are better than us. The people who think this way are putting themselves down because they’re implying that white people are better than them.
    Sarah Baartman was an African woman who was put on display in Europe for her large buttocks. Now Europeans want large & obnoxious butts. It seems like the physical features that most people mock, they’re envious of.
    My half sister suffers from low self-esteem & she’s almost 50. She hates her dark brown skin. I think it’s beautiful. She recently told my 1.5 yr old baby girl that she should be dark like her. My sister dates only light skinned men. Her children are mixed with white & have light skin & blue & hazel eyes. She only feels threatened by light skin women but LOVES light skin men. I see many Black women who put each other down because of their skin color. From that day on, I made sure my baby had limited to no contact with my sister who has made the same comments to me. My sister’s feelings do not matter. Abusers lose their rights when they continue abusing. I have to teach my daughter about this world. Her foundation will not be based on self doubt. She’s beautiful & smart no matter how she looks.

  • Seshat Ra

    I see the similarities with the way Kanye is being treated and the way Lenon has been getting treated due to differences of opinion.

  • Eli Saucier

    You are correct in your assessment of this issue. I was very surprised at the number Of people with YouTube channels that constantly resort to name calling, I thought name calling ended in high school. low energy.

  • Chubb Tscott

    Mr. L e n o n honor I totally disagree with your attacks of dr. Umar Johnson you are I don’t know what this man is going through in his home life personal I know for a fact that these s i s t a s wheel Jeep a guy from seeing his children because I’ve been through it and my father but that doesn’t mean that this man doesn’t take care of his children and for you to be saying that on this live stream shows that you suffer from Plantation psychosis as well being that you give it tips on how we should not have assault and go against each other

  • Tealicious 587

    Great video . Many black people feel powerful by bullying others , it is the strip the person of self worth or esteem.

  • caramelized sugar

    because black people are crazy. because they love to bully people. they brush name calling off like noting. tell you to man up or be n adult.

  • Hold Up!!

    Bravo Mr. Honor. This subject is most definitely ignored; given that name-calling amongst Blacks has become a social norm via men, women and even children. Particularly online I tread lightly; given that name-calling seems to be at the tip of many tongues, especially if a disagreement arises. Its saddening when many BM deem Black women as “bitches” in reference to BW out the gate. Knowing someone is not a criteria. Being a Black is the only criteria.
    Black women are not exempt from this common practice. During college after a lovely visit, a “friend” of mine said, “see you later nigga”. I corrected her to not ever address me as a “nigga” again. She responded, “that’s what you are, right?!!”….as though she was correcting ME. My correction annoyed her. I left it alone. She didn’t “get it”.
    I’ve also noticed that many Blacks have adopted the very terms that white supremacist use towards Blacks these days….ie, nig-nog, negress, niglet, ect.

  • Candice Sparks

    My question is; why more Black people don’t think/speak in balanced ways like you think/speak? You are one the very far, few, and in-between who can truly see reality beyond all the Blackistand’s bs. This tells me that I should listen to your videos more often. That’s all for now brother. Please stay encouraged in the naked uncompromising truth.

  • Liberty

    That is why I never watch or supported the television show with Nick Cannon called Nick Cannon Wild n Out.
    In our communities most of the time verbal abuse always leads to physical violence.


    In fact, I do concede that You do “come with a certain level of impartiality”, greater so than most presenting themselves on this platform. However, how do “We Overcome Racism (“White Supremacy”). Holding hand with “White Folks” whether “They” want to hold hand with “Us” or not has not worked. Singing “We Shall Overcome” with “White Folks”, and others does not work. And asking “Can We all just get along” while “they” are constantly putting “Us” down, and shooting “Us” down is certainly not the answer . ‘You’, certainly sound like you have it. Since you do “seem” to have it; ; Please tell “Us” what “It” is”.

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