Canadians Should Not Trust Their Government – Here’s Why

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In a recent poll looking into which countries trust their governments the most Canadians ranked in at the number two spot with 62% of Canadians feeling confident in their government so in this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth lays out the facts as to why Canadians should not trust their government while also showing how this can and will be used as a blueprint for even global servitude.
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  • Doug Beaulac

    We, the rational among us not only don’t trust Trudodo, we hate him and everything. he stands for. Unfortunately, however, there are many Insane snowflakes who haven’t got a clue about what his true agenda for Canada actually is, and so by the time they figure it out – to quote former Quebec Separatist party leader Jacques Pariseau, -“we’ll all be lobsters boiling in a pot! Cooked!” However this blasphemy against Canadian values has been going on since the early seventies when Pere Trudodo launched his “multiculturalism” paradigm and simultaneously turned over operational control of the Bank of Canada to foreign banksters. Ever since then, in fact, we Canadians have been on a slippery slope to hell! You’d think people would understand this phenomenon. But No! Our tainted mainstream media via its “tell lie vision” propaganda machine medium covers it all up. I just hope I live long enough to watch the libtards who support Trudodo and his Globalist (satanic) cronies eat their just rewards for helping them to destroy our very Civilization.

  • Travis polson

    If it’s one thing history has shown us it’s never trust governments .
    99% of the time people will abuse a position of power .

  • trainwreck1993

    I’m Canadian, unfortunately ! We have no freedom in Canada it’s a left leaning welfare state and a tax slave state to the ones that work .

  • Sharon Green

    Trudeau is a traitor BUT. GOD IS IN CONTROL! I that am in you am stronger then he who is in the world! Pray Canadians that Trudeau is exposed and overthrown for crimes against Canadians!

  • hogie2010

    Trudeau is picking up were is father left off destroying this great country. At least Trump if fighting to vet individuals from middle east countries, Trudeau says we don’t have to vet anyone from middle east countries we’ve been a part of bombing since 911. See the movie “Drone”.

  • Ginger OConnell

    Not everyone in Canada thinks it is “peachy keen”…People are afraid to speak out or they will be called a racist, homophobic, islamaphobic, etc. and jailed. ..Big brother is watching.

  • doyrtwq

    I think you should recheck your opinion polls.Confidence in the liberals is at about 40.5%.The conservatives are at about 31.8%.Not that it’s any kind of comfort seeing as at times it’s hard to tell them apart!Although I believe that Trudeau is out next election!

  • william nicholson

    Dan Dicks ,Don’t criticize us . we all hate that fucking cunt of a Pm. but too many feminists and weed hopefuls and Toronto immigrants mostly muzzies voted for him

  • Douglas White

    It’s too late and when reality kicks them in the face.They will all be standing still looking like a deer caught in head lights.Some going to find out the hard way,just like dreams,nightmare can come true as well

  • Gypsy Brennan

    Most Canadians don’t see what is coming… They are blind! A nation of cucks! I am so disgusted by what is happening here in Canada… On 35 million people only maybe 50,000 are awake. The rest is blind sheeple going happily to the slaughter. This country is doomed to become another Islamic shithole. Time to emigrate.

  • Arthur ok

    I have less than zero support for wanta be dictator ” trudohhh !! ” and his wanta be queeny….how can we truly fight this as regular Proud Canadians, cause I really wanta Know ??

  • automaticmusicm

    I often wonder how desperately bad things will have to get before some of these libtards have the dimmest sense that something is very, very wrong in Canada ……… perhaps when mass blasphemy guillotining starts to occur ? Or even worse – their social media connection is switched off ! Or maybe when the maple leaf flag is replaced by an illuminati pyramid and eyeball ? Perhaps nuclear war just might wake them up ? …….. but I doubt it.

  • Usury Slave

    Trudeau 1 & 2 have sucked more dicks than all the Sodomites in the world ever. They are cum dumpsters owned by the synagogue. Satan’s little helpers.
    Note; all politicians are owned by the jewry. You can thank the jews for socialism as well.
    Stay asleep Canada your fake wealth will be gone soon.

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