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The issues of censorship and privacy violations on various social media platforms are getting out of control! Facebook has been caught selling your information to third parties, google has been caught spying on you for the purposes of advertising and control, and YouTube which is owned by Google under the parent company Alphabet has been removing channels that go against the status quo in any way shape or form.
The good news here is that alternative platforms have come to fruition as a result of the major clampdowns we’re now seeing on free speech and one of those platforms is minds.com.
In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviews Bill Ottman, the creator of Minds.com about his platform, the cryptocurrency reward model that it implements and how this can act as a hedge for content creators against the rampant and outrageous censorship we’re currently seeing on all fronts.

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  • Marco DuVall

    Expand your mind into knowing that one of Ethereum’s founders is an advocate of child pornography (Vitalik Buterin)

  • Lost Gonzo

    dude doing magic mushroom once every 6 months and you’ll be able to avoid psychiatric treatment for the chaotic world

  • Jacqueline Robitaille

    Please someone one out there create a decentralize so show media outlets because Facebook is evil and needs to go the way of the dodo bird!

  • Ben benson

    You make really good tv 🙂 I watch more of your news than fox news , you seems to be more truthful . Thank you very much for your videos , I send you a donation when I get my pay cheque 🙂

  • Benny Harriston

    when and if………….. they try encrypt…..messing with the childs minds……know .every time one of us will break …it….no matter what……..and i still say ….no such agency

  • My Direct Opinion

    My Direct Opinion just joined minds. I have no idea what I am doing but that happens everytime I join a new network. Got a strike from you tube because of a satire I posted, got banned from freedom.social for a comment on their chat (innocent comment about how the platform was expensive to join and very slow but I support it) Then they banned me because of a simple video that is on lots of other platforms

  • My Direct Opinion

    Question to Dan – How do you post to several platforms at once? I am now on several platforms but you could spend half the day just uploading in addition to trying to produce videos

  • theAbeElement

    I like Minds but that boosted content that has nothing to do with your interests has gotta go. It’s such a turn-off. And it’s a lot of boosted (advertised) content.

  • Autonomous Collective

    U.S. Americanism=U.S.A.
    U.N. Globalism=ENEMIES
    Foreign Invasion= ENEMIES
    Foreign & Domestic=ENEMIES

    Get the U.S. out of the U.N. !
    Get the U.N. out of the U.S. !

    RESCUE our homeland from a “foreign” invasion called U.N. Globalism… while we still have a homeland to rescue!

    U.N. Agenda 21:
    =Foreign LAWS
    =U.N. Sustainable Development
    =(Foreign & Domestic) ENEMIES

    Under the direction of Obama and those like him (DISLOYAL) Americans…
    Mueller & others “ILLEGALLY” purged the U.S. GOVERNMENT Training Manuals to where you CANNOT identify the ENEMIES, therefore U.N. “Foreign” Governments & “Foreign” LAWS =(HIGH) TREASON.

    They want:
    U.N. “Foreign” Government (LAWS)
    U.N. “Foreign” Government (TRAINING)
    U.N. ILLEGAL Investigations=(HIGH) Treason
    U.N. ILLEGAL Spying=Treason
    U.N. ILLEGAL Espionage=Treason
    +U.N. Deep State
    =U.N. “Shadow” Government
    =U.N. Organization for Action
    =U.N. Civil Rights C.A.I.R. (Front Group)
    =U.N. Council of Foreign Relations
    =U.N. New World Order
    =U.N. Globalism/Enemies
    =U.N. Illuminate/ U.N. Global Caliphate=ISLAMIC SHARIA LAW
    =ILLEGALLY Fundamentally “Changing” and “Dismantling” America=Foundation

    “Disloyal” Americans (aiding & abetting) U.N. Globalism CANNOT legally hold office, due to (High) Treason=Act of War
    =Disloyal Americans “ILLEGALLY”
    Investigating America’s (Top) Secret Information
    =Espionage (High) Treason
    =One World (Government)
    =One World (Religion)
    =New World (Order) to take the place of (America=Law & Order)

    MANDATORY: America MUST be preserved, protected and defended against (ALL) ENEMIES foreign & domestic.

    I support President Donald J. Trump as he preserves, protects & defends America=Form of Gov. that “governs” the United States
    =Foundational: LAWS
    =Supreme: LAW of the Land
    =Primary: Rule of LAW
    True: “Americans” PROTECTING
    True: American “HEROES” RESCUING our Homeland…
    True: “HEROES”
    America’s (Allies) =RESCUERS
    True: Leaders of the Free World

    We have now put our politicians under microscopes and are questioning them at every turn! It’s about time We the People cared again!
    Barely a week ago my neighbors railed for two hours about the status of our Country. How many times have I heard them speak of limiting the power and jurisdiction of the Federal, State, Local Governments, at my dining room table? Half the people I know, are as Ardent a Patriot, as I.
    So I ask you: Will you know, when you are needed most, stop at only words? Is that the sort of people you are? I ask only that you act upon the beliefs which you have spoken, and in which you so strongly believe.

  • Canadian Libertarian

    It’s great to see you are on Minds Dan. I just subbed to you over there. And thanks for this excellent interview with Bill as well.

  • Southern California Deplorable Henry Lindeman

    Bless you *Press for Truth* and God bless you as well
    *”Bill Ottman”* I’m *NOYDB* on your fabulous platform.

  • My 2 Cents

    Look man, no disrespect, but some of us have a life other than being on social media all frigging day. Some of us actually have a job. Screw this cripto sh*t, block chain and all this garbage. I watch a vid to get today’s info and that’s it. Wtf is all this crap where I have more points, credits and all this sh*t. TRUTH IS FREE. Dig it, understand it, Do it. Stop looking to be paid telling truth, that’s the problem with this friggin internet and computers. I’m actually waiting for the day of the great EMP drop. Only then will we be free. Too many people are getting paid to yapping lips and building NOTHING.

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