The Bigger Problem With Democrat Ilhan Omar Controversy

Democrat Ilhan Omar Apologizes! Is AIPAC Right? This all happened over tweets which put the Somalia congresswomen in more hot water.

Accused of being far leftist and progressive Rashida Tlaib, ilhan Omar and Ocasio Cortez have been accused of using stereotypes and offensive tropes in the past which leads people to believe that maybe it isn’t on accident.


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  • tod jones

    The point is an agent of a foreign country (AIPAC) should not be forcing congress persons to pledge aligence to that country (IRAEL) over our own country. All those that claimed she is anti-semitic don’t even know the real definition of the term.

  • PalestineATW

    Search up USS Liberty. Doesn’t take a fucking genius. Saudi and Israeli lobbies are trying to get rid of her and Rashida, a fellow Palestinian. Wonder why…

  • Austin Glines

    I agree it is definitely a lot of pay-for-play and there is a lot of sellouts in the government that had sold us all out to higher interest look at the 5G klusterfuk they’re literally sacrificing all of us for material gain and it’s so evil on so many levels we need a boy caught the whole government we need to realize that it is a illegitimate government and boycott it and literally pull these people kicking and screaming into the streets and hang them by The Gallows cuz the cost of treason is death these people are all traitors to this country and we need a hang them up by their balls cuz of it or we’re going to be a globalist third world country good job Luke peace out have a great day

  • NPC 17.94.3A

    Lol, go figure. Everybody who gets paid to be pro-Israel is PISSED. 🙄
    I forgot to put ((())) somewhere in the joke, but we all know

  • NPC 17.94.3A

    I actually disagree with you on one point. The discussion. No point discussing it, lobbying is evil. Lobbying american government actors for the interest of another nation, regardless of what nation, is a whole other kind of f’d up. I say we should invent a new layer of hell for any lobbyists and hurry their way to it by any means

  • Bill Douglas

    Luke, great coverage on Ilhan Omar’s being smeared. One thing I wanted to note, you mentioned you don’t agree with much of Omar’s positions. I just wanted to share with you some important data. Omar is a Justice Democrat (which means she accepts ZERO corporate PAC money). So, she backs: Medicare for All (70% of Americans support this), and Getting Money Out of Politics (95% of Americans support that), and a Green New Deal (80% of Americans support this), and Debt Free University (60% support this), and Raising the Minimum Wage (which a majority of Americans agree with) … now if you were referring to immigration, realize that Mexican border illegal immigration is at all time lows, and most illegal immigrants are Canadians who over stay their visas.

  • goon g

    Why not mention the the shelved undercover al jazeera exposé that has been released by the electronic infitada, which shows exactly how Israel, by way of their many special interest proxies, have been actively meddling in american politics, spying on American citizens, as well as using their money and influence to suppress constitutionally protected speech and undermine organic social movements in the U.S., painting anyone who is critical of Israel, or dares to advocate for Palestinian human rights, as being anti-Semitic????

    The congresswoman was not lying and should never have apologized.

  • Triglav Power

    The democrats in the era of #MAGA are a gift that just keeps on giving 🙂 islam and the DNC are a way to make 12 yrs of Donald Trump happen 🙂 with almost 0 effort from Trump 🙂

  • R D

    She didn’t apologize at all. She said she was sorry for the controversy. She never apologized for her words.

    She never will. Muslims are mandated to lie and push generational jihad.

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