Troubling Times Ahead For The Canadian Economy! – What You Need To Know

Is the Canadian dollar heading for failure and if so how can you protect yourself from a potential crash? In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with John Sneisen of World Alternative Media about the current state of the Canadian economy and how you can take responsibility for your own money before it’s to late.
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  • Jim Mc Neil

    what about trudeau non sense spending out of the country ? and globalist agenda for getting canada under communism /socialism/ mass migration/ no job/ carbon tax / trudeau ‘s is a traitor

  • Patriot OfGod

    Just a heads up to all you internet dependent and smartphone toting idiots.
    The economy has always been “troubling”.

    Be sure to buy the clown’s book.

    You fucking dumb asses just don’t get it , do you?

  • Sovereign17

    Why are you calling it a dollar when it is a bank note aka promissory note? I think that if you took the power away from the word itself “dollar” and use the proper wording within government, the minds of the public could possibly change. Also how do you have debt with a credit line? Canada relies on credit to run the country, that is why Alberta has their credit rating lowered in the past year or so. Human beings are the credit line. In the United States under the U.S. Congressional records, it states that in 1935 under the Social Security Act it gave a value of every human being born at 1.8 million. Seriously…keeping the minds of the public unaware of the actual information only leads to more suffering and a prison planet both of a physical and mental means.

  • Sovereign17

    Are you going to inform and educate the viewers of your channel about the BIS Immunity Act? Bank for International Settlements.

  • John Excell

    Read When money dies – Furgusson
    Its about the events before and after the 1923 German Hyperinflation.
    Fact is in 2017 not one currency can compete with the value of gold, which means the entire banking system of the planet is about to reset to 0 value.

  • Sovereign17

    Opinion is different from fact. Maybe read some words written in law and actually read the small tiny words “This note has legal tender”. Maybe interview someone who is giving information like a true patriot like Rod Class who doesn’t get the same attention as Alex Jones or this guy.

  • Sovereign17

    Freedom requires knowledge that leads to intelligence which is the balance of the masculine and feminine force of the universe.

  • Sovereign17

    Too funny…they want to enslave you? They already have if you have drivers license, silly. Anything you have registered it was a process for the New World Order and the corporate agenda. If you registered it, the property is theirs…LMAO.

  • Sovereign17

    Just watched the entire video and felt it was a waste of time. The country went downhill the day that things started to be registered including voting. This was “click bait” and seriously have to reconsider the next time I watch one of these videos because things need to be researched more to actually understand and practice what you have learned.

  • OhCanadaWSOGFT

    Nice tan John Sneison, a bit too much shoe polish I think.
    It seems the crows took the shiny stuff. My father used to shoot at crows, & I used to toss baseballs at them.
    Where’s my glove & ball now, it would be fitting?

  • Sovereign17

    Canada is a business. Canada has a corporate agenda. The country only enforces corporate jurisdiction aka administrative law. Police are just administrative, not judicial. Money laundering and human trafficking happens in the courts which are part of the Bar Association and clearly separate from the Canadian corporate entity itself. Stop trying to spread empty information for people to feed off and have their fears enflamed. They are not empowered by looking outside to the problem. This is a psychological problem and a problem based on deception and harm. Do you have the courage and selflessness to actually expose it for what it is worth? Will you help televise the truth revolution within the court system?

  • Louis Linardo

    offcourse the oil price is on decline is no longer secret that crash is coming with poloz raising rate canada is on the spotlight.. maybe firstly look at tarsand company? owhh and housing..

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