Are You Self Made? – David Whitehead

Relevant now more than ever – LISTEN, LlTTLE MAN! is a human, not a scientific document. It was written in the summer of 1946 for the Archives of the Orgone Institute. At the time there was no intention of publishing it. It reflects the inner turmoil of a scientist and physician who had observed the “little man” for many years and seen, first with astonishment, then with horror, what he does to himself; how he suffers, rebels, honors his enemies and murders his friends; how, wherever he ac­quires power “in the name of people,” he misuses it and transfonns it into something more cruel than the tyranny he had previously suffered at the hands of upper­ class sadists.

Why is this?

Full PDF – Listen Little Man

Dunning–Kruger effect–Kruger_effect

Psychological Projection

Mass Hysteria

Jung Quotes:

Inferiority complex

Superiority complex

Equality illusion

The Urgent Need For Self Esteem

Krishnamurti – What is the difference between the mind and the brain?


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  • Divad Landmark

    What gives you the want of sharing online. It feels like im looking in a
    mirror. I’d like to try and share online and not just in my therapy
    sessions. What do you focus your thoughts to. whilst looking in a camera in
    the middle of nowhere.? big love.

  • QueenBee Nightly

    You’re definitely adding value to ongoing discussion of this stuff, it’s
    not simple stuff. psychological reversal comes to mind. So does Aquino’s
    “mind war” materials. The conscious mind often has so much opposition from
    subconscious programming.

  • andrew116

    I was listening to you, getting more and more confused. And to be honest a
    bit bored. So many thoughts conveyed in 45 minutes. I can’t handle it. I
    don’t want to handle it. I am too lazy to think of it. I have been through
    a lot with my own demons, too. but then the funny part at the end
    (“…drift in the clouds, and listen to my voice…”) woke me up. Anyway,
    thanks for the video. I really liked it in the end. Me, a little man, found
    a key to my prison. I mean, I’ve always knew there was a key. Just didn’t
    know it was in my jeans.
    “To go wrong in one’s own way is better than to go right in someone
    else’s.” (Dostoyevski) somehow i feel this is quite relevant. But I could
    be completely wrong).

  • VirtualEyes

    Great Vlog David. One of your best speeches.
    I think I heard it in a speech Alan Watts gave(now the memory is hazy). But
    he said something like…there was a man who lived in a village and was
    always happy,even on those bad days,even when his house burned down and
    became homeless,the man stayed calm and greeted the day with a smile on his
    face,eventually,people puzzled by him finally asked the man how he does
    it,how he always smiles,how he can stay happy in life. His reply was,when I
    wake up in the morning ,I have two options,Be angry at the world and be
    miserable,or be happy and have inner piece,I just chose the latter.
    EDIT: I read the story from an OSHO book. :)

  • Auto Ex

    What you say about saying complements is very valid. Just finished reading
    Nathaniel Branden’s 6 pillars of self esteem and he says something very
    interesting. He says that we have to compliment for the outcome that
    someone’s acts produces instead of judging positively one’s behavior.
    Instead of saying you are great i would rather say you made a great video
    that brings a lot of value to my life, so me and other watching it will
    gain consciousness and build a great man from a little man!

    Thanks you for a PDF and links

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