Has World War 3 begun? Obama & Putin at UNGA 2015, ISIS, U.S. trained rebels in Syria

Whose speech at the UNGA 2015 was better, Obama or Putin? Did rebels we fund, trained and armed join ISIS? Are we at the beginning stages of World War 3 or in the middle of it? What are we going to do about it? In this video Walter offered his perspective on these very important topics. Enjoy!


Vladimir Putin steals Barack Obama’s thunder on the world stage

Conflict enters more perilous phase after Russia attacks Syrian rebels

Russian Airstrike in Syria Targeted CIA-Backed Rebels, U.S. Officials Say

Syrian rebel commander on why U.S. training program failed

U.S. stops sending new Syria recruits to troubled rebel training program


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  • Al Azzawi

    Great points you talked about in this video, but do you believe that people
    in western countries can really be one hand against their own governments
    and stop them from interfering inside middle east or training rebels or
    even fighting ISIS? I think the answer is probably No and the reason is
    simple because mainstream media brainwashed most of the people with lies
    over and over again, in U.S you can see Fox news etc.. convinced people
    that ISIS already inside their country and they have a training camps ready
    to kill them! people these days are believing anything they see or hear
    even if its a fake thing or obvious lie! I’m from middle east and I live in
    Iraq now and here most people are brainwashed with what media told them but
    the rest of us know that ISIS not the main problem to middle east because
    we have high rate of poverty and no services or Medical care or electricity
    any country now even poorest ones they do have electricity for at least
    that is why ISIS is not main problem to whole a lot of countries here in
    middle east, the fact is in western or eastern countries they put ISIS as
    the focus problem so most of people cannot think in other problems,
    that is our world now we are the Puppets and they are the Puppeteer!!

    my point after i watched this video is How can we undo the lies that our
    Governments told us??
    how we can make the people wake up to see how manipulate the most world
    media are??
    how can we reveal the truth by do things so people can really see what is
    going on??

  • strawmanmusic

    Good stuff Walter – the way the game is played is that we all have to be
    the willing fools – by dribbling details out through the news and other
    media the game makers test our mettle – if we do nothing we are deemed
    willing. What Walter is giving you here is a documentation of the hints –
    we’d all be best to take note.

  • Scruffy

    Propaganda video. Isis is a creation for a false flag operation. This video
    is posted to try and sell a reassure you the existence of isis. Bullshit

  • foe “foerest” rest

    no it is a fake war both obama and putin such each other off behind closed
    doors, it is all a show to keep the general public zombies. fuck the
    bankers and the political puppets, we vote people to vote for us…. it`s
    dumb. VOTE ROBOT GOVERNMENT 2016 and a new money supply that is not ruled
    by cunts!

  • Bluskystar

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