“‘Marijuana is infinitely worse’ than tobacco” – Canadian PM Harper is out of touch with reality

“Tobacco is a product that does a lot of damage — marijuana is infinitely worse and is something we do not want to encourage.”, says Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Last year, Health Canada kicked off an anti-marijuana ad campaign — repeated shortly before the start of the election campaign — that said the drug was responsible for lower IQs, a statement derived from two separate studies whose conclusions have since been challenged. According to Vote Compass, 75 per cent of Conservative supporters favour either decriminalization or legalization of marijuana for personal use, compared to 86 per cent of respondents overall. In this video, Walter offers his perspective on the topic of Marijuana legalization, the criminal justice system, political puppets, and how “divide and conquer” tactics are used against the public so that the power elite can maintain control.

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‘Marijuana is infinitely worse’ than tobacco, Harper says as he encourages pot debate to go up in smoke

Vote Compass: Majority of Canadians support softer marijuana laws


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  • UnCustom Mary

    The NWO Big Pharma pays Harper well to help keep people sick and by
    criminalizing alternative health treatments. Not one single death has ever
    been solely attributed to marijuana use since the beginning of time, and
    they know it.. And as far as Trudeau goes, he is using marijuana as bait to
    get our votes for the LGBT to destroy our families and children. Common
    Core lowers IQ, so does fluoride and the studies prove that. But these
    tools don’t care about our IQ’s or our health. Get the estrogen mimickers
    and letal chemicals out of our water. Stop Chem-trailing our air and
    GMO’ing our food and injecting our children and us with deadly vaccines.
    These are all hyper boosted by the fluoride in the water. The government
    are what iscausing all this gender bender garbage and 99% of the cancers,
    autism and disease increases. What a load of poisonous crap these Agenda 21
    sellout are! Ya, I am Canadian.

  • galactic communique

    Harper is infinitely worse than any other person in Canada. His stupidity
    and viciousness is evidence of his own lower IQ. This delusional dumbf**k
    needs to GO.

  • Tom Foyle

    Perhaps if he’d said, “john Lennon was responsible for more deaths than the
    Hiroshima bomb,” he’d have more credibility…

  • mightymissk

    Think of the money we could make if Canada made marijuana legal. Think of
    those lovely tax revenues flowing in from the production and sale of
    marijuana: we could build thousands of units of new public housing, maybe
    set up a national pharmacare program. But Harper hates anything that makes
    life easier for ordinary Canadians. So pot has to stay illegal. Meanwhile
    Harper continues to pillage our treasury to finance a barrage of government
    ads .You know those creepy “Economic Action Plan” ads directed, apparently,
    at affluent voters who live in some Oz-like Canada? Since 2009, those ads
    have cost us 113 millions dollars. 113 million dollars on pure
    propaganda–and we paid for it. So all you hosers out there who smoke
    pot–get the hell out and vote eh? On so many levels, Canada’s long term
    survival depends on us getting off our asses and voting Harper out of

  • Illene Dover

    Marijuana has great medical benefits, but smoking marijuana is twice as
    worse than cigarettes. It has more tar, and no filter.
    The idiot is too stupid to address the obvious. Maybe he smokes to much

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