Bracing For “Cyber 9/11” With James Corbett

The global war on terror has entered the digital age and it’s no longer a question of if there will be an attack on the world wide web but when! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with James Corbett of The Corbett Report about what a possible cyber attack scenario might look like, who the perpetrators are likely to be, who the scapegoat will be to take the fall and most importantly what we all can do about it BEFORE it happens.

To learn more about the coming cyberterror false flag attack read “Bracing For Cyber 911”

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  • Sunsetdawn Panthera

    Cyber Attacks do happen but a large scale attack seems impossible as the internet is more about the Hubs and Computers that make it work than 1 spot in the World, they can cut of some of it at once but not the whole thing.

  • Free That's funny

    CIA will just fund another group if it’s not IS. There will be another false flag, what form it will take, who knows. But it will be covering up another bigger story to deflect just like 9/11 did. Sure a shit though it will take more freedoms from you. The Russians hacked my dryer again, yet another sock gone! lol

  • Max D

    Could well be a cyber attack, but just as likely is a dirty bomb in Chicago. That way they can put blame on NK or Iran plus they can bail out Illinois. Just a thought.

  • Martin Boswell

    Easiest thing in the world for a world-threatening cyber attack to be launched from and undeniably blamed on . It has already started. Already hospitals, banks have been hit in multiple countries by viruses heralding from, we are told, …. N Korea … each one growing global support for some kind of response. Just wait for the headlines “N.Korea cyber attacks pose immediate threat to security systems”. So much better than WMD as an excuse for a response/action. Impossible to disprove.

  • LeeYves Provost

    My two favourite investigative journalist’s. ?? Keep pushing the Truth reports out, it’s good stuff. ❤️

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