The Grail Cypher Ep.1 – Ralph Ellis/Michael Tsarion

In this groundbreaking 4 part series we bring together Ralph Ellis and Michael Tsarion in an epic discussion on the real story of King Arthur, a fresh look at biblical history, astrology, and symbolism. Are you willing to have your view of Arthurian, British and Christian history challenged? Are you ready to accept the esoteric mysteries and heresies of the Knights Templar? Once we understand that Jesus and Arthur shared a common history, the rest of Arthurian legend starts to fall into place. So join Ralph on an extraordinary tour of Arthurian history, much of which you did not even know existed: Jesus’ son was the king of Palmyra; St. Peter was the Guardian of the Holy Grail; Pompey the Great and the pirates of Gibraltar; Secrets of Mithras and the bull of Taurus; King Arthur’s battle with Vespasian; The Roman creation of Christianity; The Holy Grail was brought to Earth by aliens; Sir Galahad dressed as a woman; The burial of Jesus-Arthur at Stonehenge; tons more. These are all elements of the Arthurian chronicles that have remained unexplored and unexplained until now. But how can we comprehend the true history of King Arthur if we have not considered the entire corpus of this labyrinthine story? If we bring all these many diverse strands together, and decipher their true meaning, they explain a great deal about the history of Europe, Britain and Christianity.
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  • Vex T

    Awesome interview, Tsarion and Ellis are always excelling in each of their
    consecutive works!

    I would like to add what I found on etymoline, which is that the Greek word
    “drakon” means “serpent or *giant sea-fish*; goes to show ‘dragon’ also
    meant “fish” in another well known ancient language.

    Thanks for the upload David!

    • Vex T

      +R Ellis Oh wow, thanks for the further insight Ralph! Oddly enough, in all
      sincerity, one of my brother in law is named Davey Jones!

    • R Ellis

      Indeed. A lot of Greek (and Welsh) came from Aramaic, because the original
      Torah was Aramaic, and then it was translated to Greek, Latin, English and
      Welsh. Think of the favourite Welsh name Davey Jones. Welsh? No – its 100%

  • lansing street blues

    Exciting work; it all fits together beautifully. I’m going to pull out my
    old Works of Josephus and starting reading it again, with new eyes, while
    waiting for part 2. Thank you, gentlemen, thank you.

  • Belialith

    Head gear made of thorns, horns, what is it? (Could it be a Ram’s horn
    After all, it was going from Pisces to the Aries when Jesus came into the
    picture. The NEW King, Crowned, for the NEW Age of Aries. Interesting
    intersting stuff. Thank you Ralph Ellis for your research into such
    complicated matters…hahaha, matters? Spiritual symbolisms! (But the thing
    I still don’t understand is, the Ages and when they change. The 12 signs,
    the 12 Ages. And for all that, it’s backwards! There is something amiss
    here. The Age of Pisces? To Aries? Then to Pisces again, and NOW, into
    Aquarius? I tell ya…if we had schools that taught this stuff, I wouldn’t
    have such complications understanding it. Or maybe I”m picking up on
    something that is an obvious, but I’m not seeing it. Anyone? Or was it the
    Age of Aries, going into the Age of Pisces, and Jesus was born an Aries,
    and now the Age of Pisces is closed, and the Age of Aquarius is with us?
    Yes?) So anyway, it’s interesting that they use the word “cross” at the
    change of the Ages. Because you are crossing over from the Age of Aries to
    the Age of Pisces, and therefore when you take the “person” off that cross,
    you get a rejuvenation into the New Age, the Crossing Into that NEW AGE,
    from the old. And I suppose it takes much mind effort to keep things going,
    because you have to CREATE a NEW everytime the end of some “Play” has
    finished, if you don’t want to disappear, or end up repeating the last
    scenario over like a broken record. So all this pomp and ceremony of the
    Crossing of the Age, and put in terms of a PERSONAL situation where people
    can REALate to that, so they, in their minds, hahahaa, continue that
    creation which has been shown them, in symbolic form.

    So! In order to be stuck in the 12-DNA structure, all we need to do is live
    a new Age of the NEXT DNA Structure that was given to us. So we are in the
    DNA Age of Aquarius. And I have a feeling, the truth is about to be shown
    and seen. Where does Sophia fit into all of this? The Feminine, you know?
    Here we are with 12 Male DNA Alien representations focused into the twelve
    zodiac ages, thrown into our personal physical world for us to go through.
    Like last Age was all about some Alien structure that gave ITS DNA to us,
    to help create these physical forms, and so we honor them by going through
    a whooooole Age that represents one Alien DNA structure. (like a small
    wheel inside a larger wheel, longer ages encompassing shorter ages, such as
    300,000 years versus 3,000 years.) Like, it feels like we just went through
    a Reptilian DNA structure, or what you call the foundation (in the Kabbala
    teachings, the Bull–Lion–Eagle–Man, i.e. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)
    But those are threes. The Cardinals, (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), the
    Fixeds (which I just mention those four Bull, Lion etc), and the Mutables
    (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces). Like as in the Ninja Turtles, you
    really need a kick ass mind to think all this stuff out……..

    So, who is King Arthur? That is a good question, a really goooood question!
    59:51 (Slightly)

    • Belialith

      +R Ellis, Interestingly enough, my father’s name was Peter. Hahaha. Peter
      Pavic, or is that Peter Paul? Anyway, “THE GRAIL.” What ever does that
      REALLY mean? You know how it is said the Grail is a box with some type of
      electrical/ magnetic energy of high proportions? But I could never see it
      that way (except for perhaps as a representation of something more
      refined). I do understand though, this physical (as well as spiritual)
      fight or war over who rules is an important one because it decides what is
      going to be taught to the residents of this Earth. So if the selfish win,
      then they teach us ignorance and the world exists on the lower end of the
      spectrum, animal aspects etc, you know. But if the higher minded, such as
      Jesus or King Arthur wins the place of rulership, then the residents of
      this planet learn about their higher minds, their rich spiritual heritage.
      So yea, what is the Grail? Besides being some DNA bloodline which was also
      talked about. The Grail is a very mysterious thing. And Peter is the
      guardian of it. Peter is known as a leader in place of the King.

      But you do bring up a good point, very complicated. If ‘Peter’ be the
      guardian of the Grail, then the animal aspects of the lower side can now be
      seen as higher aspects within the WHOLE, which is usually missed when
      selfishness rules because it just goes in one ear and out the next. But if
      it is this so called bloodline of higher beings, then ofcourse the DNA
      lineage would take into consideration not only to bring children into this
      world, they would also impart to them the knowledge of the higher aspects
      of living. Perhaps the “sex” aspect of the body houses an important part of
      the Heart, which most beings don’t understand when it is influenced under
      the rulership of the lower minded. So! The Grail is the WHOLE being, not
      just a half, such as from the root (red) chakra to the solar plexus
      (yellow) chakra, it’s not a split which removes the rest of the chakras
      from physical existence! Or splits the body in half where the left side
      (spiritual) is unused whereas the right side (physical) is overused.
      (Hahaha the Cross-section) And so when Peter be the guardian of the Grail,
      it represents the fact that the entire body, physical, and spiritual are
      all employed in the game of life. Without that, we are just a half. I mean
      if the name Peter has gotten itself a slang meaning, and the Christ
      represents the Fullness, then that being who is with the Christ side will
      represent a higher place in life, than what is represented without him with
      the lower minded selfish type rulers.

      Lots to think about. Thank you so much for all your efforts. Excellent,

    • Belialith

      +R Ellis Hahaha. Yea, right. Really. Clear enough. But, is that the truth?
      I’m sorry, you know what I really mean? I have had a hard time with finding
      out that the last name my father had, and now I have, is related to Paul.
      And I never liked him. Hahaa. He was always a criminal in my eyes. So, I’m
      having a difficult time with this. Anyway. I’ll get over it soon. lol.

    • R Ellis

      >>Paul was a Nazarene too?

      He sure was. Acts of the Apostles says:

      “For we have found this man (Paul) a pestilent fellow, and a mover of
      sedition among all the Jews throughout the world, and a ringleader of the
      sect of the Nazarenes.” Acts 24:5

      Could not be clearer.

    • Belialith

      Geez. I might as well write a thesis. (But I tell ya, there has to be a
      fucking place for the thinkers. Otherwise, how DO we love ourselves. We
      don’t. If we don’t communicate. And just because those who don’t fucking
      have a clue only speak in single words or short sentences, it doesn’t mean
      we all have to, all of the time. Thank you. But I do love all you soldiers.
      Just keep on, keep on, your work.)

  • Adrian

    Michael Tsarion and Ralph Ellis are living new millenia legends that will
    be remembered as the ORIGINAL rEvolutionaries !!!!!!
    We need more young peopleo to UP TO SPEED with the


    Great show! Im looking forward to hear the rest of this hIstory. Thank you
    for sharing this epic discussion with us.

  • TheVirgoanFool

    I have wanted to see these two together for over 8 years now. Thank you so
    much for this , what a gold mine this series is going to be. Two historians
    who are taking history and forcing people to rethink everything about it.

  • Belialith

    1:00:53 The Romans wrote the story (that Jesus died on the cross) so they
    could keep the people pacified, which makes them easier to control. So they
    don’t fight back. So they think their leader is gone from the picture.
    Meanwhile he was always there. And then they’re hypnotized into subjugation
    by those forces pulling the strings who will now easier control their
    minds. Unless they wake up!
    What a brilliant work Ralph Ellis has done, of deciphering this whole mess
    that was written out to deceive the world. It’s that 40 year chasm, as we
    can see now, Saul/Paul/Josephus and whatever else name he gave himself,
    that he did the splicing of what really happened (like a movie film
    splicing, like Terrence Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction), to what they wanted us
    to believe happened, just so they could control society into subjugation.
    Wow. The more I listen to this the more I comprehend. And to think, I was
    just going to listen to this video as a fun thing to do, lol, because I was
    never interested in any King Arthur story. So anyways. Is Jesus the ‘good
    guy’ and Saul-Paul the ‘bad guy’? Because if that’s the case, then we have
    another story right there. One of polarity, haha. And that needs to be
    bridged. So where did these guys come from? Sirius?

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