We Need To Talk About Alek Minassian – What You Need To Know!

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Details have emerged of the alleged killer’s potential motive. According to a facebook post made by Alek Minassian it appears that he is involved in the incel movement and was inspired by Elliot Roger a man who killed 6 people in 2014 because he was “a virgin” and “never had a girlfriend”. Alek Minassian has been charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder and 13 counts of attempted murder in Monday’s van attack on Yonge Street in Toronto. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth breaks down the latest info in regards to this case while also warning the viewer to be cautious of how this will be dealt with and who the potential target group may be as far as the government is concerned.

Watch: “Elliot Rodger’s Retribution Video” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-gQ3aAdhIo

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  • Michael Anderson

    So he was retarded? Should he have had a driver’s license?

    He is like the recruit in the movie “Full Metal Jacket”. That guy blew his brains out after killing his drill instructor. This guy ask for a copy to kill him after his killing spree.

    Before Obama left office, he gave out free access to all intelligence channels to the deep state and all his leave behinds.

    The PM is more an incompetent kook, than feminist.

  • truthhurtshipsters

    Mind controlled sleeper agents for JWO or just a spolied Westerner acting out his demons?!
    Either way they know how to use these events to strip more of our freedoms.

  • M P.L

    I do NOT agree with any argument or line that this Police Officer did what was right. I too as many at first, did think this was a gun and he should have been shot immediately, however even though it was not a gun, I ask you this. Could that Police officer have stopped this Killer from killing anyone near to him as the bystanders in Toronto are as stupid as they come? NO. This suspect could have easily pulled a box cutter or other weapon and started on another killing spree. HE SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN GIVEN THAT CHANCE. P.D. Work must suck. Your a shit if you pull the trigger but can still appear to be ineffective in protecting the public because you DID NOT eliminate the chances of this dick running off and doing it again. Would that Police Officer then shot into a crowd or at him if say he grabbed that women slowly gazing into the camera and strolling along like it was a TV show? I do believe that the officer has to Protect other lives too, not just himself, and lastly that of a known Sidewalk Drive-Along Killer? A shot in the legs would have taken this threat out IMMEDIATELY. Toronto Police are afraid to pull the trigger now, and this will only signal the true criminals into the scene all that much more. What you don’t think MS13 don’t see Toronto as an easy way to live?

  • Barbara Green

    Third wave feminists are frightening even to most women. It is only the left wing women who have been told that all their problems are because of male privilege. All part of being in a victim group.

  • Armed Liberation Xecutive

    ©™ ALX ⚖ Observations ✍✍

    Not well acculturated, depressed and suicidal.
    Adds up to eventually lashing out and hoping for suicide by cop.
    Fortunately Canadian ? Police not shooting happy like so many of their American counterparts.

  • M P.L

    This is a given HATE CRIME. Any good first year Lawyer should be able to get a slam dunk on this case. He hated people with basic normal relations with other people. So that in my opinion is totally a HATE CRIME. He hated “Players, ” Chads, and Stacy’s?
    The Canadian Liberal Justice System likely let him access his page in the P.D. for one last time? WTF

  • Vladimir Ilyushin

    Mr. Dicks: It seems you are on the “Target”. Ergo, be very, very careful. Don’t slip on a fatal banana peel, tell everyone that you are not suicidal and that your cardio is 100%…

  • sig nykyforiak

    Something is fishy here. I can not put my finger on it, but it seems this is a cover up to the max. I think he wanted to be shot to get his reward of 72 virgins.

  • Canadida Mapleleaf

    I suspect a lot of young people having this issue due to the fact they are hooked to their computers and androids js .. they don’t know manners or social skills as well … manners as in using or looking at a phone when your already with company … I believe he’s a terrorist too .. I don’t care what they say however I agree with not giving you know who any friggin credit shut them down as much as possible .. they want attention I say give them none

  • edward mullen

    Continuous same description of every single supposed mass killer. You cannot tell me they are all the same, please this gets extremely tiring. I know you Do good vids Dan but you must wonder about this storyline. Hope he makes it to his trial and does not have a suicide accident while awaiting his day in court.

  • Athena Latrell

    Another Patsy…. Another push for the NWO. Mental illness is the trend for these selected Patsy’s as of late. I wonder if those are the people now being targeted, ” mentally ill.” Interesting to see where this ” pushed narrative” goes.


    I did the Canadian forces intake aptitude test years ago around the time of the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions. You have to be 3 years from a conviction so they told me to come back after the 6 months left to complete that time frame and join then. Interestingly though, I happened to score high enough to be an officer even though I have no college or university under my belt. Which baffled them. They would have had to give me a fully paid schooling in whatever I chose to take from their list. What I suspected at the time was that they weren’t looking for smart soldiers. They were looking for canon fodder and had I scored lower, I also suspect, they would have overlooked the rule to get me in. They gave me the impression that they could overlook the rule if they chose to. That aptitude test never goes away so scoring as high as I did puts me in at officer level whenever I decide to join. I now believe they don’t deserve my type of faithful heart that is all for homeland security and fully against Rothschild invasions of countries they want bent to their wills. If we get invaded, you better believe it’s guys like me who will be fighting for your freedom but in this day and age guys like me are either reeducated or killed off because there’s no place for honor in the militaries of today. Just robotics. People who blindly do what they’re told regardless of inner questions of conscience. Btw, my conviction was an assault causing bodily harm where I defended myself and broke a jaw. Only witness was theirs. There is no honor today. I wish there was. I have the heart of a Jedi but order 66 is still winning. Lol. If you catch my drift.

  • John Smith

    Hey Dan, at about 10:40, regarding ‘UTC’, that is a ‘C’, pronounced ‘see’, not an ‘S’. Maybe you’ve been smoking too much pot.

  • Richard clarke

    Let’s examine the names of the victims, witnesses and police officers involved!

    For example: Officer Lamb was as meek as a Lamb when dealing with the offender!

  • van1976

    The picture @11:27 ….This is the Van that killed and injured people? I don’t see any RED Blood on that WHITE Van.

  • John Spartan

    The puzzle is not that an archive was done at 4 pm EDT. Rather, how did Alek Minassian publish this last FB post at 2:10 EDT? Surely he was not composed enough, or otherwise not occupied, to post an error-free posting after the rampage that started at 1:30 pm EDT. Can anyone shed some light on this?

  • Jayanti Om

    There is definitely something quite off, bald guy in video, hair guy in court room?. And special needs to top it all off??? Fuck feminist they are robbing our men of their masculinity!!!

  • Amanda Burke

    Can I say I love how casually people walked out of the building with a cop yelling on the street!

    How was that building not on lockdown? Should more people be put at risk with a man that had just killed 10 people and a cop with a loaded gun pointed in their direction?

  • Glen DeKoker

    I don’t believe anything they say about this guy since they don’t tell anything about his history and religion shameful news like living in Hitler’s time.

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