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  • zerosister

    we are living among sub-humans called ‘psychopaths’. Their off spring are
    narcissistic which is bad as well. Satan is trying to destroy the True Seed
    of the Heavenly Father. Do research on Narcissists and Psychopathy. Its
    scientifically proven they have no activity in the frontal lobe of the
    brain. That is where ‘Empathy’ is suppose to be. we need to separate from
    ‘them’ NOW

  • not2tees

    Much appreciated, Dave. Asking “What do I know?” in a skeptical manner is
    somehow radically valuable, though I don’t understand why. Too many are
    like Eliot’s Hollow Men, heads stuffed with “straw” answers that choke off
    the much more important questions.

  • Yshi Tida

    Wow.. it’s like you dug straight down into my heart/mind and uncovered the
    deepest inquiries and curiosities therein.. thank you for expressing
    yourself so honestly and eloquently.. peace~

  • Shane Bennett

    99.99999 present of people believe they are the all caps version of there
    name on government I’d

    that is a legal person
    or persona not the lower case natural persona

    bet this applys to you to

  • Sir Tyger

    Because disorder and chaos pleases those hidden hands that control
    everything and mostly everyone. A person who decides to be at peace with
    one’s own self is a threat. Because no discord among the masses being at
    peace with their individual self or spirit disarms those who wish to keep
    all separated and disconnected from their own spirit and remain in control
    and to keep us (spirits) coming back time after time to this dimension
    instead of transcending to the higher dimensions once these bodies expire
    in their present form. This keeps us from the true experience of Love,
    Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice. From the time of our earliest
    understandings in life, we are given labels imposed upon ourselves. we are
    given labels to impose upon others. We are fed the programs which are the
    generational sins and curses within themselves to navigate through this
    dimension on someone else’s terms. We are taught to hold on to traditions,
    ideas, doctrines and to remain sentimental and co-dependent upon all things
    outside of our individual self which accentuates all human flaws and
    frailties that we come to love and curse in the same breath. When human
    beings truly acknowledge the truth that we are Spirits having a human
    experience, we can begin to understand that all of the labels, traditions,
    superstitions, specialized marketing, demographic studies, and so forth are
    not strong enough to hinder “He or She whom is within who is more
    powerful than He or She who is in the world.” The one who is in the world
    is The Flesh body. The Spirit can’t transcend higher if we hold on to these
    worldly indoctrinations and belief systems that are designed to keep us
    returning to this realm over and over again and at each others throats over
    crap, that in the broader sense means nothing except to those who wish to
    be controllers. All of those things only have the power each of us gives
    it. Whatever it may be. If it does not inspire or convey the qualities of
    Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice, then it is foreign to us as
    Spirits. But, the same is all too familiar to us as flesh beings. Doing and
    not doing has nothing to do with overcoming the “flesh”, as religion would
    have us believe. Because it not what you do, it is who you are within and
    how much you allow those “rivers of living water” to flow from your belly.
    The “minerals” in that living water are the Divine Qualities – Love,
    Truth, Peace, Freedom, & Justice. But how could something so near and so
    simple seem so far from us as individuals? We won’t turn a deaf ear to the
    nonsense that keeps humankind constantly distracted and looking at the
    other person, rather than each taking stock of our own baggage and begin
    the work to purge all that we think and say to each other and ourselves
    that does not convey the Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, & Justice, which
    comes from the Spirit within us, thus making us the Free beings that we are
    created to be. We can’t be free beings within ourselves when we have labels
    and agendas for one another and ourselves for the purpose of a false
    distinction or an advantage over one another which the controllers would
    somehow find delight in one over the other. A useless eater is just that in
    the eyes of the controllers. We have a Divine being within us along with
    the qualities and strengths of the Divine being within.

  • ScottFree

    Nature never takes a day off. People want there own time, there day off ,
    there vacation. But in reality we must all be as baby’s, for us thinking
    that we know takes away the chance for anything to be. But the main key is
    looking to Jesus, but very few look to him for there everything, and it
    would take every human to look to Jesus for everything for the world to be
    in full balance.

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