Countless Activists Thrown In Prison! – What We Can Do About It (with Adam Kokesh)

Josh Sigurdson sits down with Adam Kokesh in Las Vegas to talk about the latest cause he’s championing as activists across the board and spectrum are thrown in prison for simply exercizing their individual liberties. The state is getting bigger and more coercive by the day and this has been going on for a long time, but as we see the number of people thrown in prison for victimless “crimes” it’s about time we start demanding their release.
Adam Kokesh has created an incredible website aimed at helping activists under fire having been one himself a few years ago after famously loading a shotgun at Freedom Plaza and ending up in prison for 4 months, including time in solitary confinement.
Adam has of course been arrested countless times apart from that incident for civil disobedience.

Today we see the Bundy’s in prison for standing for their own property rights, freedom of speech and freedom to defend themselves. We see people like Ross Ulbricht in prison for simply creating a platform for people to interact and trade on outside of government surveillance and is being blamed for the was OTHER people conducted themselves on that platform. This is kind of like blaming and locking up Alexander Graham Bell for OTHER individuals committing crimes over the phone. Or the inventor of the internet for OTHER individuals committing crimes online. Ulbricht is facing the rest of his life in prison and his assets seized.

This is just a chip off a massive iceberg growing by the day, ready to collide with the very minor remnants of individual liberties we have left.

Check out the site “” and let’s start standing up for those who stand up for us!

Stay tuned for more from WAM at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Adam Kokesh
Josh Sigurdson

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