Is President Donald Trump The Solution We Are Looking For?

In this video I discuss Donald Trump and his run to become the president of the United States of America. I also explore whether or not he would solve any of the problems found in our society.

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  • robin brandon

    TRUMP 2016! is the choice of the American people.
    You should do several things different, Walter. First, focus on Trudeau and
    how he is fucking up Canada like obaaamaaa did here. Second, wear something
    besides a tee shirt when you try to put on a professional newscast and,
    lastly, use your money (because you, apparently, are financing this
    project) to get better lighting. Look into the camera, bro.
    TRUMP 2016!
    Listen to the people of America, my friend.

  • h spex

    These Canadiens have no right interfering in our political process. One of
    them says “Trumo has no integrity. Is a liar.” and “regular people like us
    need to start talking with our neighbors.” He is Canadien not an America.
    How dare he pretend to be an American trying to destroy an American
    political campaign. This sounds like Communist subversion. These types of
    meddlers need to mind their own business.

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