ENVY: The Religion Of The Mediocre – Truth Warrior

In this episode of Truth Warrior, I demystify the concept of the seven deadly sins, and talk about the nature of Envy and how it can be the most destructive of all to you on your path to success, personal freedom and enlightenment. Hope it helps!

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Unslaved episode referenced: https://unslaved.com/episode-114-sage-vs-psychopath-2/

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  • Jason Richelieu

    I was thinking in listening to this, envy can have different degrees of intensity. Like a person who might have been severely brutalize, mocked, raped, etc.. and left in a degraded, ruined state, might develop a kind of toxic envy towards people who can never understand his or her severe trauma. In some ways this is expected and even justifiable. The feeling is justifiable, but acting on it is not, this is how I answer this dilemma to myself, and would require the development of strength to not succumb to envy.

  • Sean Stacey Sauve

    David can we contact you in any way or do you get to much junk mail? I have a great idea for a topic for you to consider. Thank you either way.

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