How The Silk Road TERRIFIED The Global Establishment – The Free Ross Campaign with Lyn Ulbricht

Josh Sigurdson sits down with Lyn Ulbricht, mother of Ross Ulbricht, a man thrown in prison for a lifetime for simply creating a platform for people to freely trade goods for services, protect themselves from massive government surveillance and spread information. The Silk Road was a truly free market initiative started by a libertarian with a big heart.
While the state claims that Ross created the platform for drug dealing the sale of illicit videos which is simply not the case, the people who actually sold drugs on the Silk Road got a few years at the most. Ross got an entire lifetime in prison.
This is kind of like imprisoning Alexander Graham Bell because people used telephones to conspire to commit crimes.
Or imprison all of those complicit in the founding of the internet because people have committed crimes over the internet.
Or imprison gun manufacturers because some moron killed someone using a gun.

Ross has sacrificed everything for us and it’s time we start sacrificing a few things to save him from being thrown in a cage. Lyn, his mother has been standing up and speaking loudly for a long time now and she’s started initiatives to get Ross freed. One of those would be the #FreeRoss campaign. You can find “Free Ross” on Facebook as well as as well.

This man needs to be freed and the massive amount of assets seized from him (Bitcoin especially) should be returned immediately! Most of all, he needs to be freed from prison!

Stay tuned for more from WAM at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Lyn Ulbricht
Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Shallow Revelations

    I haven’t watched this video. Just letting you know your videos are being blocked. I had to go through a few hoops to even pull up the IRS 175m lawsuit loss.Just be known.

  • Brandoregularo

    Crazy he could be arrested. Government hates competition,  the inventor of bitcoin would probably get a life sentence for every bitcoin.

  • Evan Snow

    Oliver North confessed to _actually_ importing thousands of tons of cocaine into the US and didn’t get sent to prison for _one day_.


    there is now also reference to UNWTO Silk route which is a clear indication that the elite wants to hijack the new silk route and present it as if it is of them. The new silk route OBOR initiative is “of the people for the people whereas the other is a NWO UNWTO silk route is a hijack! Stay vigilant. Do not consent to any governing over you. Service providers e.g. governments whether national,or international should always govern UNDER people not over people.

  • Naseem Khan

    Shocking sentence – 40 years? This sentence is befitting a globalist who really do practice child pornography, and deal drugs, I don’t hear any of them brought to justice. . I recommend a lighter sentence or non at all.

  • Peter Landy

    Justice is a RACKET! They all work for the Cabal. I think this interview-testimony makes it pretty clear. Shared.


    No ways to fight the heartless system from inside Only way is common law claim against those who caused harm to him yet cannit proof his harm to them
    Check out Karl Lentz YouTube’s on common law and approach him for assistance…..little or no cost but will save lives!


    this lady def has a good grasp on whats goin on..our courts are fuct along w so many other levels of our society..just try to keep out from under their microscope

  • watcher on the wall

    what is freedom of speech… without the freedom to offend ,……. your freedom ceases to exist, if your only freedom is to conform within the parameters dictated to you : then you have already lost your freedoms , you do have the right to question and put forth another view, without this human progress stops , do not conform to fear, speak your mind , by asking questions, or offering different views, we all prosper

  • Edward Brady

    How can we get Ross released?. It is totally insane that someone can be sent to jail for life for operating a website. The USA is actually an insane asylum and a dangerous place to live and getting more so by the day.

  • Edward Brady

    We would need a few million people to march on the prison and stay until he is released, stop all movement in and out. Get worldwide attention.

  • Edward Brady

    Think about this — LIFE IN PRISON – NO RELEASE – think about it for a moment, life in prison for running a website.

  • Edward Brady

    The FBI / CIA should be hiring the likes of Ross not jailing them. The government has it all backwards of course.

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