The Grail Cypher Ep.3 – Ralph Ellis/Michael Tsarion

Part Three.
In this groundbreaking 4 part series we bring together Ralph Ellis and Michael Tsarion in an epic discussion on the real story of King Arthur, a fresh look at biblical history, astrology, and symbolism. Are you willing to have your view of Arthurian, British and Christian history challenged? Are you ready to accept the esoteric mysteries and heresies of the Knights Templar? Once we understand that Jesus and Arthur shared a common history, the rest of Arthurian legend starts to fall into place. So join Ralph on an extraordinary tour of Arthurian history, much of which you did not even know existed: Jesus’ son was the king of Palmyra; St. Peter was the Guardian of the Holy Grail; Pompey the Great and the pirates of Gibraltar; Secrets of Mithras and the bull of Taurus; King Arthur’s battle with Vespasian; The Roman creation of Christianity; The Holy Grail was brought to Earth by aliens; Sir Galahad dressed as a woman; The burial of Jesus-Arthur at Stonehenge; tons more. These are all elements of the Arthurian chronicles that have remained unexplored and unexplained until now. But how can we comprehend the true history of King Arthur if we have not considered the entire corpus of this labyrinthine story? If we bring all these many diverse strands together, and decipher their true meaning, they explain a great deal about the history of Europe, Britain and Christianity.
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  • Belialith

    I was wondering about what type of relationships between man and woman they
    had in the King Jesus times, in general, in society. I hear you saying he
    was married to one woman Mary Magdalene. But, reading Laura
    Knight-Jadczyk’s Cassiopaean Transcripts, those beings said he had sexual
    relations with three different women, which created three different
    children. You see, if I knew what type of relationships they had back then,
    I would know whether the aliens, or Cassiopaeans, saying this are doing so
    from their time perspective, or like the Pleiadians whose male’s have two
    or more wives on their planets, are saying it from their cultural ideas. I
    really would like to know the truth of what happened on THIS planet. That
    would straighten some things out. Like for example, that Jesus was a man
    too, in a human form, had all the same weaknesses everyone else does, but
    strove to get himself connected to his higher self, seeing those predatory
    aliens (invisible ‘powers that be’) are doing everything they can to keep
    us animal-like and unaware of our true nature.

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