The Great Crypto Recovery Of 2018? – What We Have Learned with Crypt0

Josh Sigurdson talks with Omar Bham, host of Crypt0 on YouTube in Los Angeles, California about the recent return we’ve seen cryptocurrencies make to the bull market.
For most of 2017 we saw a massive bull market in the cryptocurrency markets, to the point where speculation largely took over, rather than understanding of the fundamentals at hand, or in many cases lack thereof.
Well, we know what happened next. A MASSIVE bear market that hurt a lot of us. However, it gave us all some time to consider what cryptocurrencies existed for rather than bank of money as if it is always for granted.
Now that many of the weak hands have been knocked out of the market, we are seeing the return to a bull market, slowly but surely.
Omar breaks down his thoughts on what we’ve seen over the past months and what he thinks this means for the future of the market.

Decentralization will always win. Competing currencies and free markets will always be right. Good times ahead!

Stay tuned for more from WAM in California!

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Omar Bham
Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Unknown

    2:45 Money is freedom? ??
    That is insane, idiot.
    Money is nothing but trusted given value.
    More money more destruction/violation and domination, and finally you cannot eat money you must eat food to live on earth.
    I love crypto and I’m using it but big whale can manipulate the crypto price overnight. They can make 0 to thousands and thousands to zero overnight

    Again crypto made rich to few clever peoples they have business on it but average people can’t take any benefit.

    Look at the steemit rich are becoming more rich and minnow are dying anyway.
    Who has big steem power they are voting themselves or selling vote but when you buy vote you will never get your ROI back neither neither people will vote you free because of their vote has value and they wants to earn money themselves.

    So entire crypto business model is to kill minnow and middleclass.

  • Brandon Boyer

    Why not just steadily buy metals? Gov’t has and will always put their hand in the honey … We are just setting ourselves up for worst future with a blockchain… Freedom is in our past! Just think it would easier to handle the Fed the old way.. Stop using the damn dollar and barter with most recognizable,proven,real things….gold,SILVER! My cents

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