Trudeau Meets With Trump – Goodbye Canada Hello NAU

On Monday Justin Trudeau is set to meet with US president Donald Trump for the first time and in this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth outlines what you can expect to come from these two North American leaders. Support us on Patreon ➜


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  • J.C. Doucet

    Canadian government has always went the opposite of whatever the US does.
    Same sex marriage US said no and Canada said yes, Pay for health care or
    have insurance in US, Canada tax the crap out of the people and have
    sub-par health care, Welfare in US, here is your stamps, Canada, here is
    your money, Immigration, historically US actually takes way more Immigrants
    than Canada .. anyway, bottom line we share a landmass, we are financially
    intrenched in each other’s economy we speak the same language we need each
    other but I know we Canadians need America more than they need us.

  • ON Ontarible

    Breaking: Trump will meet with Idiot Boy Trudeau on Monday! Breaking: There
    will be a 3 day morning period for the late Idiot Boy Trudeau after Trump
    ripped his head off & shat down his throat & he of course died.

  • Connie Cattle

    Mr. Potato head is going to get mashed. Trudeau is also anti-Trump. He
    doesn’t care about the Canadian people. Ontario can not afford any more of
    the Trudeau/Wynne folly. They are killing us with mega Taxes.

  • Jim Mc Neil

    Trudope is a clown and a drama queen . know nothing about reality ? Love Mr
    President Trump a man of honor, a patriot, a real leader. Trudeau should be
    impeach (fashist)

  • Michael Larson

    the NAU is what justin and his puppet master george soros would like, but
    not President Trump. Lets make Canada great again! trudeau must go!

  • Natasha Vonoskabaya

    Look at Sweden and you will see Canada’s future.
    This is the Soros/Sabbatean Frank Operating Manual.
    They did it to the Russians.
    They did it to the Germans after that.
    Where do you think these evil Bolsheviks landed after
    They were kicked out of Russia and Germany?
    Yeah, unfortunately North America.
    Thankful Trump was elected because the USA was on the path to
    Absolute destruction.
    Soros is running your government.
    Trudeau is the spokesperson for Soros.

  • supernuts060

    At least if Trudeau bankrupts Canada it should fix the immigration issue..
    nobody will want to live in a cold poor country with no welfare.

  • Tony Volpe

    Former schoolteacher Trudeau meets the mighty Trump. Our pretty boy PM is
    not even worthy to shine Trump’s shoes. Trudeau will need to bow down to
    Trump’s demands.

  • Dimentio

    I highly doubt that Trump is pro-NAU considering Mexico was supposed to be
    a part of it and the Wall would suggest otherwise. Just wait and see while
    keeping your eyes and ears on guard.

  • Paul Plourde

    What you don’t know Trudeau is a Clinton Stooge!! It won’t be an American
    Union because of Sovereignty!! The United States Constitution conflicts
    with Canadian law!! It won’t happen! This would be a Globalist agenda for
    the stages of communism! This is why Americans voted for Trump! They voted
    for Trump to break up the Globalist agenda that will interfere with
    American Sovereignty! It’s called Language, Borders and Culture! My
    grandparents came from Canada for one reason, to become American! I have
    very close Friends that are Canadian that work for me! They live down here
    but have their house up in Canada!! I’m in the middle but I don’t think you
    Understand why they want to get rid of the boarders! It’s not good for any
    country!! Study their real plan!!

  • Greg Buchanan

    I am a Canadian and I hope that President Trump puts Trudeaus’ nuts in a
    vice. Mr Trump needs to hold Trudeau accountable when it comes to national
    security. Trudeau is pouring in the Islamic immigrants!

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