Wife of “Bundy Ranch Sniper” Eric Parker Speaks Out Following Husband’s Arrest

Josh Sigurdson sits down with Andrea Parker, the wife of the media coined “Bundy Ranch Sniper” following his unjust arrest and sentencing.
Those involved in simply standing up for individual liberties during the Bundy Standoff are facing unthinkable attacks as they’re thrown in prison by the state and persecuted. Of course Cliven Bundy and the Bundy Family faced decades of attacks by the government and Bureau of Land Management and at the peak of their fight were joined by countless liberty loving individuals in Nevada who took up arms in defense as federal agents aggressed against innocent activists and land owners.

Today, countless activists who stood up for the Bundys including many of the Bundys are still in prison. Of course it wasn’t long after the standoff that we saw the Oregon Standoff where LaVoy Finicum was murdered in cold blood at the hand of the state and the FBI attempted to cover up the crime scene.
The combination of attacks against the Bundy family and the Hammond family barely scratches the surface of this problem but when people are passionate enough and feel enough duty to stand up and risk their life for the individual liberties of others, it’s our job to either stand with them or stand up for them.

The government doesn’t seem to care when AntiFa is “exercizing free speech” by beating up those they disagree with, starting fires, rioting and shutting down free speech, but they sure seem to care when people stand up against state aggression and hurt no one.
This should be a wake up call for everyone.

Stay tuned for more from WAM at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Andrea Parker
Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • paul mccummiskey

    Paul Mccummiskey v State of Florida, Stand your ground, Google it. Then if you want to know the real truth?

  • Douglas Overhoff

    They need to go directly to the government agency involved, and call out the individual/individuals who are responsible for bringing these charges against this patriot. There is no “government”, as such, there are only PEOPLE who represent that organization that we call government. Someone, an actual human person, is in charge of this travesty of justice, and we must bring the actual individuals who are responsible for this action into the public forum, where the light of public scrutiny can shine on these persons and bring the pressure of all American Patriots to bear directly on these corrupt bureaucrats. No more relying on hiding behind some nebulous, bureaucratic office or position in order to hand down nefarious pronouncements without some form of responsibility, accountability and consequence taken for their actions. Let them not forget who it is they actually work for: we, the people!

  • Jacob Tothe

    What do people think the second amendment is supposed to protect if not the right to point guns at government officials who appear to be crossing the line and trespassing against individual liberty?

  • Hanna G

    What I found out when my church were handing out tracts in DC is that there are “free speech zones” which makes certain “free speech” illegal in non free speech zones (at least in the presence of an enforcing officer). So I don’t know what this stand off was about completely but let’s face it: whether he was or wasn’t holding a gun, he would have been seen as a threat to “national security”. Also when police men are dehumanized and programmed to respond in reflexive ways in life-death situations, there is little that can be said of the lawfulness or unlawfulness of their actions. Why? Because there is an inevitable gap between the intent of the law and the enforcement of those laws. So yes while having a gun on him may have prevented his death by proxy- he still looked like a threat. With the prevalence of mental illness and the frequency of which officers come into contact with such characters, it is difficult to draw a line between the “peaceful” protestors and the deranged. It is not that I disagree with her husbands intentions, but that working with law enforcement as opposed to creating confrontational situations can be chaotic for all parties.

  • The Hidden Hand

    What is really disturbing is the lack of coverage of this case amongst typical YOutubers. Where is Tim Pool or Lauren Southern? Luke Rudowski? James Corbett? Newsbud?

  • Kelvin Grabowsky

    Hey Canadians, are you tired of our police state pointing guns at you? Think of how many times a day, in your normal routine, that you break a law, because of over regulations and stupid bylaws imposed on us by a never ending and unquenchable tax system.
    Well the answer to this is to join or even start a local militia.

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