Brexit And The Agenda For World Government

On June 23rd a “leave” vote for the UK in the brexit referendum could spell the beginning of the end for the global elite and while we here at Press For Truth don’t like to promote nationalism per se, we do see the potential for overriding the Bilderberg dream by supporting British nationalism and the brexit referendum.

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  • Press For Truth

    “Vote leave” in all aspects of any kind of control over your life. That to
    me has always been the best option. Global non compliance is where it’s at!

  • Terry Talentino

    Is it not possible that the Bilderberg group actually secretly orchestrated
    the Brexit? I mean outwardly their pundits are screaming threats of
    financial ruin if they left but what if secretly they will allow Britain to
    succeed from the union to then be able to say “see what happens if you
    leave.” It could also be a large enough event to trigger global economic
    collapse and be able to blame it on something else other than the central
    banks fictitious recovery narrative. I don’t have proof that this is what
    is happening but it is an interesting possibility to ponder.

  • Unknown Anonymous

    plotwist elites will support the Brexit. then they can be in a position to
    be in control of a collapse for their benefit

  • Deedless Deity

    You oversimplify the social aspects of European countries, as well as the
    struggle of Greece.
    What is and was holding them down was not the money that had to be thrown
    at them, but the way they were forced to spend it. For example directly
    back into buying German Tanks. Which is just a very shady way of
    subsidiaries for industries who shouldn’t need them. It’s plain corruption.
    The strangling quasi dictatorship of the EU is merely invoking all the
    worst elements of capitalism and socialism/communism that benefit it’s
    Bank bailouts would never happen in actual capitalism, schools and
    healthcare wouldn’t have to starve at the same time in a remotely socially
    conscious nation.

    But helping the weaker parts of your country to develop is your duty as a
    government. In the case of Germany, most powers lie with it’s states
    anyway. To weed out the corruption is the Gordian Knot we have to unravel.

    The medieaval state of the German lands with hundreds of tiny kingdoms is
    your perfect world? You have no idea of the historic reality of the time,
    of the strife, of the impairments of economy thanks to insane taxation and
    You know nothing of the 100 year war, you know nothing of the 30 year war.
    You know nothing of Europe.

    Europe needs something that will keep diplomacy and trade and peace and
    preserve it for our future generations, but that is not the current EU.
    Britain leaving might be what it needs to reset the Machiavellian madness
    it poses.

    Multicultural nations do not work, we learned that much through the
    centuries. That is why nations will always form themselves around
    ethnocultural groups.

    I am in favour of Britain leaving, but the way you present it is shear
    intellectual dishonesty (and I’m not talking about what is generally called
    conspiracy theories).

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