Elizabeth Warren Brings Out The Worst In Feminists

Josh Sigurdson calls out the feminists freaking out over Elizabeth Warren being “silenced” in the senate for their vast hypocrisy.
One day the modern feminists will yell at someone for holding the door for them and claim “we are strong, independent women that can do whatever a man can do.”
The next day these feminists will freak out and say, “How dare you hold a woman to the same standard as men by telling her to be quiet! Sexism!”
Well, which is it? Are you strong and independent? Or are you weak and unable to be held to the same standard as men? Well, quite frankly, the answers is neither because each person is an individual, not part of a vast collective, regardless of how entrenched their mind is into this cultural collective.
It’s time modern feminists stop playing the victim card and attaching themselves to the oppression of the past to suit their narrative. That fake victimhood simply perpetuates their lack of success. Men and women are equal and if these modern feminists really want to call out oppression against women, they should go to Saudi Arabia where it happens more than anywhere else.
The feminists of the past were great. They fought against state oppression for individual rights and liberties. These modern feminists however are mentally ill.
They’re oppressed by their own stupid narrative and they create delusion and victimhood in order to pretend they actually stand for something. It’s absolutely pathetic.

Enjoy the rant!
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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

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