How Mainstream Media Deceives The Masses with Ben Swann

Josh Sigurdson talks with Ben Swann of Truth In Media and Reality Check in San Diego, California during Libertopia about the history of mainstream media deception. Ben breaks down some of the many reasons why the mainstream media cannot be trusted, explaining the lies people have been fed about countless major stories especially stemming from the early 2000s, but not counting out the past actions of the CIA with programs like Operation Mockingbird.
Mr. Swann also explains that many independent medias are similar to mainstream media in the fact that they look for clicks and money rather than truth.
Confirmation bias is certainly a huge part of the problem that we as individuals face in our search for truth and independent thought.
With the problems explained, Ben goes into the solutions. The responsibilities an independent reporter or journalist faces and how they could lead people towards truth rather than identity.
Ben also talks about how incredibly innovative cryptocurrencies like Dash are as they change the media landscape.
All this and more!

Stay tuned for more from WAM in California!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Ben Swann
Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • magnus4g63

    “So these groups of satanists were comprised of an eclectic array of people from every walk
    of life and every social institution on the face on the earth, including politics… there were
    people running for political office at just about every level, state to local. … national
    politicians, law: there were lawyers within satanism, judges, bankers, people in the media, …
    military and police. Their ranks are, believe it or not, filled much more than you would even like
    to believe or think about, how many police and military people are directly involved with satanic grottos. Entertainment, even sports, medicine, doctors, and teachers. Many teachers I saw, and especially
    college level university level teachers were present at satanic rituals. And there’s a reason for
    this, they’re putting their people into point positions of power. They’re working them into all
    of the social institutions. That’s how they get their bidding done. That’s how they advance their
    group agenda. These were people in positions of great influence and power throughout our entire society.” – Mark Passio

  • Genus Musa

    Many people are too stupid to question anything. The left wing system keeps the population at war with each other using identity politics to keep us divided.

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