The Cause And Effect Of Immigration On A Global Scale

Immigration is a sensitive and complicated matter but it doesn’t have to be! In this video Brian Thiesen of Press For Truth weighs in on the pros and cons of how various immigration plans are being implemented. Support us on Patreon ➜


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  • New World Agenda

    Good job guys! I’ve been showing this on my channel for some time. They are
    doing everything to bring down birth rates of Canadians (especially whites)
    and masking it with mass immigration. This is how they dilute our national
    sovereignty and program us into global citizens…

  • Peanut Gallery

    Also the reason that the western world is not breeding is because they
    CANNOT AFFORD to because we are so over-taxed. Pretty insulting when the
    government turns around and says “Hey guys, what’s wrong with you not
    breeding? I guess we’ll need to take more of your money to give it to
    muslims so that they can breed for you.”

  • aliyander rajurs

    Why not bring people from eastern Europe rather from Muslim countries who
    cannot integrate in to German culture. This will benefit the birth rate as
    well as can easily get in to work force both men and women, where as Muslim
    women know not the langauge and do not work. The politicians are very
    ignorant or get money from sources and avoid the problem and do not care
    for their own people of culture. Very Sad

  • coojsta69

    Always comes down to the “banker’s” doesn’t it ..the whole system is theirs
    including the culture we have been sold and export under the banner of
    freedom and democracy
    is it to far gone lads or is there a way out ?

  • Luke Armstrong

    Hitler was a Freemason. He laid out the groundwork for what is unfolding
    today. Hell, he even predicted the demographic crisis and said Germany
    would become Islamic then conquer the world.

    Very little we can do now but raise our vibrations and hope for the best!

  • Petra Dollah

    `George Webb breaks it down. Whereever the US decimates countries, there is
    a HUGE opportunity for making money in child, people, organ trafficking
    under the guise of “charities”, etc etc. its a BIG racket!

  • rickmalone270

    Muslims are the only group of people who are reproducing at a rate high
    enough to sustain and increase their numbers. The rest of us are not. Given
    enough time, the entire planet will be Muslim.

  • coojsta69

    the dropping fertility rate in western countries has been engineered
    through banking, corporations, government, media, Hollywood, porn and music
    industry it is a plan that people need to wake up to. ..when you have a
    culture that pushes for the destruction of family values and degradation of
    morals the destruction of manufacturing and nanny state laws together with
    a growing government assistance population you end up with shit.
    the push for feminism
    the push for gay normality
    mindless consumerism
    planned obsolescence
    forced multiculturalism
    all tools that have been used to get us into this mess and if you speak out
    against it you will quickly realize the conditioning that has been
    implanted into the man or woman standing next to you !
    no politician or political party will help the people because they are in
    on the game in most cases unwillingly and the agenda is always covered by
    the promise of a better economy or a more fair system for society
    America is the tool and victim for these people and it exports this
    “American” culture and “normality” to the world. ..those countries who do
    not want to buy it receive a instant dose of freedom and democracy while
    the rest of us send our children to die for it further propagating the

  • Allan Gibson

    Importing millions of uneducated unemployable welfare depends who are mired
    in a backward cult are never going to save your country . You have to make
    it more affordable for you population to have kids. The dept and growth
    culture is unstable

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