Why Are Americans Fleeing To Mexico For MORE FREEDOM?

In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on why so many Americans are leaving to Mexico in search of True Freedom. Featuring short interviews with many of the presenters from the Anarchapulco conference!

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  • Andrew Good

    Im a firm believer that buying in to crypto is exactly what they want you to do. i dont trust tech like that, nor do i believe they will hesitate to cut off your ability to use it if you become a threat. they control the internet. they have the power to cut it off and leave you with nothing. they are more powerful in the digital world.

  • rgzdev

    What do you guys live off? You guys can’t all be living off patreon donations. What does a web developer would be able to do in Acapulco?

  • Terry Moore

    Well…its silly to think Mexico is a safe and free place, its not, if the water and food don’t get you, the very poor will..Mexico is simply a drug captured country and having watched the changes over the past 35 years..where you could go to Mexico every week and shop..now..no one goes. To go to the dentist people have to be guarded, so enjoy your silly wishful thinking..

  • Beauty Reporters

    Why don’t you guys help American children. American children are being indoctrinated by the Left everyday.
    They promote homosexuality, genderlessness, transgenderness, dressing in drag etc etc.
    Help white children who are the minority now. Mexico does not care about America, they just want to
    make America browner and get rid of white people.
    Julissa Arce said this on fb…
    ‪It means the world to see someone like me running for President of the United States of America. Julián Castro has the knowledge, vision, passion, and know-how. He knows where he came from and where he is going. ‬Thank you Sec. Castro for listening to the concerns and ideas of our community.
    RACE MATTERS, wake up.

  • Ralph Gomez

    Man I’m a American citizen and I say f u c k the government they are starting to tell us what to do what to wear what time to go out what time not to be on the streets where are you going who are you what is this s h i t I always believed in a freedom Country and this once was a United Freedom country now it’s falling apart well I’m praying that someone out there planning to Dome this Nigga Trump and bring back freedom to this country I get up to go to use the restroom and guess who’s in my toilet you got it right the government watching me to see where I go next ain’t this about a b i t c h what’s next in this country GI Joes coming down from helicopters and shit I say up with the government and revolutionize

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