BREAKING: North Korea & United States Closer To WAR Than Ever! – Is World War 3 Imminent?

Josh Sigurdson talks with John Doull about the recent developments out of North Korea as war tensions heat up and targets are placed.
From China putting 150,000 troops along the North Korean border to possibly assist in taking in refugees, to US and Japanese warships surrounding the Korean Peninsula, to tensions with China in the South China Seas and Russia Navy along the northern North Korea border, tensions are higher than ever and it’s time to be a little worried.
On top of those past stories, South Korea recently announced a “surgical strike” against North Korea, aiming at taking out North Korean military and heads of state which of course dramatically puts Seoul, South Korea at risk.
President Donald Trump recently said, “We’ll handle North Korea. We’re going to be able to handle North Korea. It will be handled. We handle everything,” following UN ambassador Nikki Haley’s comments that “the time for talk is over” with North Korea and diplomatic relations are pointless.
H R McMaster also recently claimed that a preemptive preventative war against North Korea is very possible in the coming months and that it would likely lead to at least 1 million dead in South Korea, but that it is a large possibility on the agenda.

One has to ask what the actual goal is. Cui bono? Who benefits? Why would North Korea continuously launch missiles that can reach the U.S.? Isn’t that incredibly careless? Isn’t their entire purpose the continuation of the North Korean regime? Why would they shoot themselves in the foot?
As vast amounts of people are waking up inside North Korea due to the prevalent infowars happening within, North Korean soldiers are forced to eat grass and face starvation. They are not likely to fight to the end for a government which treats them so poorly, regardless of how brainwashed they are. North Korea can hardly afford to fuel their planes. This makes their own strikes unlikely unless of course a false flag scenario is put in place.

It’s such an odd geopolitical game that it’s hard not to be confused.

North Korea has of course been allied for a long time with China which is allied with Russia, Iran, the Philippines and other massive players. This is simply more danger and fearmongering leading us into a potential nuclear world war 3 which is why we should stop going by guy emotional instincts and instead logic. What business do we have losing our lives and sending others off to lose theirs? Why attack the enslaved individuals in North Korea? Why lose millions?

Let’s be safe and smart folks.

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Doull

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Gordon Becker

    Quite a difference, is all this, from the days depicted in the “Mash” tv series.
    Little Kimmy is mental. What is his final goal? To be vaporized? And as usual, the pee-ons of North Korea will suffer the greatest. China is way too absent from helping fix this crazy picture.

  • Rod Panhard

    I take it South Korea suffers from fake news as well, it’s all very well surgically striking at NK’s nuclear capability but they have enough conventional artillery batteries to flatten Seoul and the 8x South Korean nuclear power stations that are in range of the conventional artillery. If these power stations are hit the nuclear fall out will go whichever way the wind is blowing, South Korea, China, Japan, even to Hawaii and the US.

    North Korea just wants left alone and they have realised that you need to be a nuclear power if you are to avoid being a destination on the US regime change tour bus schedule.

  • Convict Prepper

    This is exactly what they want, is a whole bunch of people reporting that there’s going to be a strike on the North Korean regime ,then when the North Korean regime sees it they panic.. you are nothing but an enabler for this entire thing ,…oh and A fear porn Pimp!
    Have you ever thought of producing something that would actually benefit people or community or anybody?

  • John Adams

    I believe that america is being pullled into this war on purpose to destroy its fleet in the pacific. I believe that Russia china and North Korea are working together to set up a trap for america. Anerica will never win a war that far from home. America would be strained and weakened and this will make america vulnerable to be attacked everywhere else in the world. I believe that america is so hated around the globe for its bullying that many many countries would attack American bases in Europe Asia Middle East and possibly South America and here at home. America better watch bullying the 2 big elephants on this world Russia and china

  • Jess n T

    States and governments have no power without the compliance of the people to be bark dogs for them. So we the people as a collective are choosing to be a part of this war game. =/

  • 888freehumanity

    Dont be naive goyim and fight with each other any more. We are here together (99%), the rest of scumbags are not.
    On basis of my meticolus research ive done for the past 7 months and producing 13 hours of videos the conclusion is following (and this is almost 100% sure):

    Regarding predictive programming in movies
    I have decyphered predictive programming in over 35 Hollywood movies and series.

    Please prepare soon for what is going to happen.

    Not just movies but coded news stories, historical data, newspapers, economist magazin covers, posters, band cover album, gematria and numerology.

    TPTB who controls your government already have a plan for next 9/11 for at least 5 years.

    Their next 9/11 attack will bring to them a long waited WW3 that they are expecting for over a 100 years. N. Korea /and Iran will be accused for this false flag.

    This what iam going to say now has nothing to do with me, state of my mind, fantasy in my head and etc. but from meticolous research ive done for past 7 months and 13 hours of videos made on basis of that research.
    If you have truly open mind and you are passionate for the truth please ask me any of 35 movies and I will explain to you.

    On September Second 2017. the “missing” “MH370” will be autopiloted to vertically drop on river Hudson causing mini-tsunami that will flood Hells Kitchen and possibly midtown Manhattan. There would be some kind of nuclear explosion or what that will generate this mini-tsunami and destruction of Hells Kitchen and shore of Weehawken. Exact spot of impact of the plane will be spot where HOAX Miracle on the Hudson occured (I imagine that many of you stop reading at this point. Yes this was a hoax event, never happened. It was a marking of future 9/11 event just like 8 years prior to 2001 in 1993 – hoax bombing of WTC – marking)

    If you are now laughing on mentioning tsunami by river go see Halifax explosion in 1917. on wikipedia. Halifax strait is almost identical proportion as Hudson river in Manhattan – ~ 1400m wide and ~15m deep – and this explosion produced 18-meters wave in 1917.

    I have found over 200!! clues and hidden messages for 9/2 17′ in Jewywood movies, coded news story, historical data, posters and images, over 50 clues for malaysian plane and 30 for river Hudson.

    Prior to 2001. there was 9/11 predictive programming in movies, now Ive found 9/2 17′ (they become better, this time we have a year also) predictive programming in 2004-2017 movies and series.

    I should be given a Pulitzer for what ive discovered.
    But almost no one is paying an attention
    because people are upon hearing this information either subconciously scared, or latent jealousy pops out in them
    or the story is too fantastic to be believable and that is the point.
    TPTB knew that who ever decyphered their hidden messages that almost no one would believe that person because this attack envolves tsunami from a river (which is out of grasp for 98% of people), missing malaysian plane which is also out of grasp to many, so “they” should be very very calm and that is what is happening because iam alerting American people for quite a while and almost no one is paying an attention.

    Ask me any movie I will demostrate a hidden messages.
    and in almost any case (95%) of “9/2 17” signs there is a proper context present (some/combination of this things: NYC – tsunami/wave – river Hudson – plane – references to MH370 – poseidon – trident – Hells Kitchen – nuclear bomb – explosion – bomb – flood – war)

    Nicolas Cage is their main agent for pred. programming in movies. But movies are maybe 40% in my research. There is many many historical data that points to September Second 2017.

    i will give you some of tons of examples.
    Wall street established 1792 – 17′ 9/2
    Dollar instituted as currency of USA – 1792
    Height of Freedom tower (tip) – 1792 feet
    Dollar sign is S + II (september second)
    Panic of 1792

    Multiply year of first 9/11 with most important illuminati number 13.
    2001 x 13 = 26013

    Go to calculator and calculate what is Donald Trump’s 26013th day in life (born 14.06.1946)

    From 9/11 2001 to 9/2 2017 there are 5835 days.
    On 5835th day after 9/11 there is (most probably) a beginning of WW3.
    so if you then divide 5835 with number 3 (WW3) you get 1945 the year when WW2 ended.
    And on what day ended? September second.
    Root of 5835 is 76,39.
    76 years after USA entered in WW2 (1941; which started in 39′) it will enter again in WW3

    I have tons of this kind of examples.

    Ask me any of coded new story in past 2 months. The last was with Elon Musk in NY Times (July 20) where he has sent crypted message to american elite to start preparing to go in underground bases.

    On July 2 2017. WTC was evacuated because of suspected bomb (hoax event).
    July 2 is their code for SEPTEMber 2 because september was seventh month in roman calendar.

    Like I said i could write here for 10 days on how many clues and hidden messages I have come across.

    I dont need a trophy. i didnt earn a dime in last 7 months in this investigation.

    I am aware that most likely no one will ask me anything further because like I said. Fear or jelaousy or it is too fantastic to grasp.
    (omg is the date also fantastic too? what about over a 200 clues)

    and of course the fourth reason (from human psihology):
    “Mommy! It hurts to know when the WW3 starts.”


  • Bizzare77777

    North Korea may not be able to hit the US now but what happens 10 to 20 years down the road when they are able to develop dozens of Nukes? He’s thinking only about the threat they pose today and not the threat they will pose in the future if not dealt with.

  • Patriot OfGod

    If you morons had a brain, you would understand that Kimmie Yung Innie, is sucking Sumyunguywellhung’s dick as we speak.
    There is only one enemy.
    The people.
    WW3 is written.
    Depopulation is written in stone.


    The US/UK Intelligence know when Kim farts and how many db it was, I really can’t see this as a threat, unless our governments have lied to us all these years, oh, hang on ………….


    BTW, last comment, promise, I would like to add that it shows you really care. This is an honest channel, you lads should go far.

  • fee1776

    NK does not have to nuke the US. Just fire one or two missiles off the US coast straight up and have the nuke warhead explode in the upper atmosphere. The EMP would destroy our power grid, all computer chips in our cars and trucks which are unshielded against a nuke EMP. Technically no US city was destroyed by a nuke fireball, but with the grid down and all our civilian vehicles disabled, the economic losses would be huge. Our food, fuel, drug distribution in the US would come to a halt. Food, staples, fuel, pharmaceutics, etc etc cannot go from warehouses to retail stores. Our society would breakdown and civil chaos would reign in the US. It would take the US up to 6 years to restore the power grid. In the meantime how many Americans would die from the chaos and shortages. NK would lose but the US would pay a huge price for victory.

  • ON Ontarible

    Kim Jung Un needs to loose some weight, practice bending over & kissing his ass goodbye. He has placed himself in the cross hairs of the world that does not support his beliefs & must prepare for the end of North Korea.

  • Paul Henley

    if I where china/russia it would be advantageous to see Nth Korea send a missile to the U.S. , it would give those countries a lot of information about the U.S. defence and missile response strike times , whether there is a civil defence programme that is in operation etc .

  • David Parsons

    it’s all about the money and power of the system The government is nothing but bullys and fuck the USA corporation and America is a none corporation country look it up your being Brainwashed to oby to there system.

  • Charles H

    It doesn’t make sense – at this point in time. The U.S. won’t take any preemptive actions I don’t think but with the U.S., S. Korea and possibly Japan goading and intimidating North Korea – the North Koreans may feel forced to take some type of action and therein lies the problem. If North Korea can’t be taken out completely and within 24 hours – then look forward to World War 3.

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