Global 5G WIFI: You Won’t Believe What They NOW Have Planned For Humanity! With David Icke!

A global 5G system is currently being implemented and no one seems to care. Like ginny pigs in an experiment we are being marched down a road of uncertainty that will not only effect our health and our privacy but more importantly it will change what it means to be human for all those who come into contact with it. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with author and presenter David Icke about this global 5G system, what the health and privacy issue are and more importantly how they plan to use it to manipulate our very thoughts and emotions as man and machine slowly merge into a toxic soup of transhumanism.

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  • Cliff P

    Press for truth you are really lucky do you get to talk to this guy David Icke he is not no dummy he knows what he is talking about I’ve watched a little while now and he makes 100% sense I’m just an average dude and he resonates big time he knows what he’s talking about just look around you if you can’t see what’s going on then you will not understand what he’s talking about but it’s not too hard to figure out way to go David

  • Citizen Se7en

    Hmmm, does this mean that the visible light humans can perceive (which is between 430THz – 750 THz) is, even MORE, a threat to humans? Junk science at its worst.

  • Segmental

    Welcome my son…welcome to the machine….the birth of the borg. Lol…. 7 of 9 was my favorite. That was one fine cyborg.

  • TheMammamea

    “For in the gospel, the righteousness of God is revealed-a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written; “The righteous will live by faith.” Romans 1:17

  • greekgod41

    Just reading the comment section makes me sad and mad at the same time…..You conspiracy nutters are off your friggin tree
    Next we will hear how 5G is part of the plot to activate the mother ship with resonant frequencies to bring the grey aliens and lizard people here from Alpha Centauri

    Press for truth, you are sliding into conspiracy madness

  • Kim Scovern

    Time to get to the mountains. F them and their 5g. My cox cable made me get a modem to get the internet. So they made me update my modem. Well well 4g was my option and 5g is also working on my box. I never knew. They never told me what 5g was. They planned this out. Never told us a thing just that we had to have new modems to get our ibternet to work. I’m done with cox for the lies. They will and are killing people. It’s a weapon. And my mom and I have been sick ever since. Radiation threat. Well look at gumlines around the teeth. They are separating fast and the teeth are dying at gum line. How freaking ironic that Colgate and crest put out a new toothpaste to help stop gum recession. We never had that before until 5g. Money making off our deaths. They know all of this. They know 5 g causes the death of teeth at gum line. These people must be put in jail. Will rip it out of the wall and buy something at beat buy with the lowest amount so we are not killed !! It’s a weapon

  • joe scanzano

    I already know what It does,cant anyone see? It makes people incredibly stupid,it lowers the IQ of new born babies,it destroys brain cells,just look around and you will see.

  • Mike Freeman

    @Press For Truth Elon Musk is the enemy to the truth and should never be given any credibility. Elon Musk is purposely faking space shit with his SpaceX FakeXcrap just like NASA does. @Dan when are you going to wake up to the real truth about the Motionless Flat Earth that proves a Creator exist? You say “Planet” all the time which isn’t truth, it’s deception/lie. You’re spreading deception when you use that word so please stop. Everything we were indoctrinated with to believe about the spinning ball earth hoax is pseudoscience and fake images and fake videos of Earth. Google the definition of Pseudoscience. You’re not only holding yourself back to awakening to this most important truth but you’re holding your viewers back. The Freemasons are heavily involved in the Spinning Ball Earth HOAX. Every NASA man who said he as on the moon is a FREEMASON. NASA is run by Freemasons who worship LUCIFER. & if you investigate deeper who controls Freemasonry you will see that Freemasonry is Jewish and it favors Lucifers Chosen.
    You being an investigative reporter of truth it amazes me you don’t know this all yet. The truth is out yet you still haven’t touched anything on Flat Earth truth that I’ve seen. Before you do a video make sure you invite ERIC DUBAY on your Press For TRUTH show.
    You can talk to him about how Youtube is on a censoring campaign against Flat Earth Truth and 9-11 Truth and HoloHoax Truth. Try searching both right now and you will see that all the controlled bs propaganda comes up which makes it harder to seek the truth when they purposely show the BS sources. That right there proves they fear the flat earth truth and 9-11 truth and the holohoax truth. The truth never fears investigation. @Dan Contact Eric Dubay or let me know and I’ll get him to message you, ok??

    Thanks for exposing the 5G threat. Look into how Israel is banning the rollout of 5G in Israel yet they are the main ones with commie china that want to roll it out everywhere else.

  • robert toodie

    To elevate one self, to attain higher consciences to be like a “god” (thats as New Age and anti Christ as it comes) Jesus said Acts 4 vs 12  And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved. (Jesus) Mr Icke is talking about entering heaven through another way, by the Price of the air, the Prince of Bel Air. Oprah and Icke, false teachers teaching about the power of positive thinking. (in opposition to God, Jesus Christ) MMM let me think , relying on my mind to help me or the creator of the heavens and earth to help me…I choose Jesus Christ.(the Creator)

  • Slick Two'eleven

    Watch how much crazy shit happen like mass shooting and just crazy shit then the people will say I heard voices and people will think there crazy. There trying to erase god🤔

  • TropicalCoder

    Time to break out the tinfoil folks. These people who make up these crazy conspiracy theories are nutters and kooks. Or maybe not. Maybe they make money of off generating these wild tales. They are NOT going to put thoughts in your head by 5G. That is completely crazy. The brain works on alpha and delta wave, these are in the region of hertz. 5G operates on many gigahertz. This is pure science fiction he is spouting, and people are gobbling it, without even stopping to ask themselves – who is this nut case? What are his credentials? How does he profit from spreading this nonsense?

  • J Glad

    Surrender to the machine. It knows what is good for you. Give yourselves freely to hivemind. There is no escape, no need to resist. It will be a grand homecoming. We are everywhen.

  • jennifer boehm

    I haven’t taken David Icke seriously since he claimed to be Jesus. I think he is controlled opposition like Alex Jones. He speaks some truth but the lies confuse the issues. Anyway, like he said, these millimeter waves don’t travel far, yet he says they will be transmitted from satellites?!! C’mon, really?
    Joe @ The Fullerton Informer makes the most sense to me on the 5G topic. Like Joe says, just don’t bring the weaponry in your home. Plant trees on your property, which will protect somewhat because mm waves don’t go through trees. Don’t let them put the 5G transmitters on your property, etc, etc.
    5G is absolutely serious and we should fight against it, but there are ways to not engage. Tony Pantelleresco @Independendz podcast also has great info on how to protect yourself from 5G. The deception runs so deep. We do not live on a spinning ball. There are no satellites without balloons attached to them. The truth is out there but is very difficult to navigate. Just realize they want to keep us in a state of fear, control us, and they don’t care about us. Eugenics is in full swing but that is nothing new. God bless us all and give us the ability to discern.

  • Shannon Elyssa

    Kitchener ON. (home to google) & surrounding area has had our streetlights replaced throughout the region to support this system for about 2 yrs now

  • Chris W

    I cant stand people who smack their lips or make so many extra sounds with their mouth that’s completely unnessesary. I had to stop watching this video because of this guys excessive mouth noises. Its fucking annoying


    The conspirators (Illuminati families) are once again conspiring! If you idiot conformists don’t grow a pair of balls and gun these bastards down, you will all be slaves in the future! Not that you are free right now. You are all economic 9 to 5 debt slaves!

  • Eddy Hep

    This man once proclaimed himself to be Jesus Christ.

    He also believes that the elite Christian and Jewish Zionists families are actually shape shifting reptiles from another dimension.

    I’m not in favour of 5G. It’s just that David Icke isn’t the greatest person to have on your show arguing against it.

    It’s people like this that start hollow earth, flat earth and now the fucking ‘mud flood’. Among many other ludicrous ideas 🤔

  • jimbob172

    I didn’t hear any concrete facts, only guesses about what may happen. I thought – who is this guy that makes him qualified to be an authority on wireless technologies and in particular how it effects the human body. Wikipedia says “formerly a footballer and sports broadcaster, is an English professional conspiracy theorist.” I work in the technology field and I haven’t seen anything that convinces me that this is anything beyond just the next generation in cell technology. Are there any scientific studies on what frequencies and power levels are harmful to the human body? Surely someone has researched this. If not – where did these theories arise?

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