The North Korean Crisis – An Orchestrated Plan For Order Out Of Chaos

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All eyes are on Kim Jong-un as the leaders of both North Korea and the United States both face off in an epic showdown of ego and military might! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth outlines the very real possible scenario of a false flag attack that would ultimately be blamed on North Korea in an effort to topple yet another regime not yet controlled by a Rothschild owned centralized bank.

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  • Alvaro Gomez

    Hi I heard a prophecy Trump some day who knows why used as a trumpet. No more lies. Did the Irians saw angels and stop attacking Israel some point in ISrael history. Excuse me Leader Ken seems one foot in what shall I do?

  • Brian Grant

    doncha get that NK is a puppet of the West?
    woulda Khadafied this dude long ago if he wasn’t a fixture out of Langley. wake thf up.
    NK is their last resort for pulling the trigger for war. it’s been up their sleeve since 1953

  • Marked Man

    You went all the way back to WW2?? Thats like BLM bringing back the horrors of slavery to lie about there bullshit. Kim is the enemy for decades. Each President tried to create a peacful solution to North Korea and only aided in the years of civilian persecution, starvation and increased leverage with his growing arsental. Trump is not the President of old and Kim needs to be dead…period.

  • slippybits

    Why are you still pretending Trump is a good guy anf he is getting directed into war?
    Trump is the lies. Hes PRO Israel and anyone who is had NO MORALS!!!

  • Will Edwards

    The reason they want NUKES is because Amerikkka is a big bully going around bullying every country without nukes. If you dont have nukes, Amerikkka will invade your country.

  • Free That's funny

    Really! I haven’t seen “any” negotiations…. have you? All I see is, let’s bomb everyone into submission because we’re big and bad and have the most powerful weapons in the world! Oh and our economy is about to implode so we need war! But that’s besides the point! Don’t comply or they will just walk all over you!!!……… go to vidme and get rid of UTube BS!

  • JAE, There's nothing like a NA'VI*

    All of you below my post are completely off base! There are 40,000 foreign troops here in America and half of them are *North Korean Special Forces with their Chinese and Russian Allies!* The moment President Trump gives the order to Attack Kim Jong-un, these *INVADED TROOPS WILL DESTROY AMERICA BY POISONING OUR WATER, TAKING DOWN THE POWER GRID AND WIPING OUT ALL MILITARY PERSONNEL!* Then watch the Nuclear Missiles fall and *SAY GOODBYE TO EACHOTHER FOR ALL OF YOU WILL BECOME CRISPY CRITTERS!*

  • Fnord Fnordington

    trumpenstein is such a puppet its pathetic. he’s become the very swamp he was voted to drain. Amerikka is so done it needs to sink before they do any more damage to the planet and people

  • danmar007

    IT’S NOT NUCULAR. IT’S NEVER BEEN NUCULAR. For chrissake what the fuck is wrong with you people? The fact that G W Bush said nucular should have given you a clue way back when that it’s not nucular. Goddamn it all.

  • Rich Monk

    Trump has always been in bed with the Zionist Jewish Central bankers all for the benefit of Israel. When is the investigation of 9/11 Trump? After all it was the Jewish Israelis who carried out 9/11!

  • Yam Tahira

    The reason Washington destroyed Libya and overthrew the Gaddafi because he was threat to the Petrodollar Monetary system. Libya is Africa’s largest oil producer and it literally had the potential to bring down the dollar.Gaddafi wanted to take the Africa out of fiat Money system and Planned Gold Dinar based Monetary system.

  • Jesse Ting

    So what is the truth? HOW exactly is the deep state going to use a false flag strike to achieve their objective (what is it exactly)? This vdo is not succunct in the point it aims to make and what the call for action is…? One more such vdo, it will surely lose its audience and subscribers. Sad.

  • Mr Happy Guy

    I was thinking the same thing. The globalists want North Korea to fall in line with their world government agenda. I actually feel bad for them. Their culture and people are going to destroyed just like they are doing to the white cultures and peoples.

  • Johnny Supertramp 4

    news flash this is all a Jewish Freemason scripted hegelian dialect it is nothing more than a fake show Kim John actor is nothing more than a Freemason this is Much Ado About Nothing I’m unsubbing you

  • Johnny Supertramp 4

    are you Jewish? Are you trying to get to the truth? Because it looks to me like you’re just aggravating State propaganda shame on you shame on you shame on you shame on you!

  • Johnny Supertramp 4

    Congratulations you just made mainstream media you are nothing more than a lying sack of s*** propagandist

  • Johnny Supertramp 4

    I am so angry at you if I see you in public I’m going to punch you right in the face you God damn line son-of-a-b**** how dare you probably gate fake news clearly you are part of the deep State propaganda machine your c*********** piece of s***

  • Johnny Supertramp 4

    Please people see the truth this man is lying to your face he is lying to you he is pushing State propaganda he is full of crap don’t buying it to it I beg you please this man is nothing more than a government agent spreading deep State propaganda

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