BREAKING: Brexit Leave Vote Wins! What’s Next For The Global Elite?

History has been made as results are in and the UK is officially leaving the European Union! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth breaks down the implications of what this will mean on a global scale in the wake of this victory!

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  • blb atled

    It was amazing! Totally thought they’d rig it. Though they no doubt tried I
    guess the Leave side was too strong to swing it in their favour. Gives me
    hope for the future. May this be the beginning of the end of globalism and
    these fascist elites ruining our lives!

  • Paul Masgalajian

    As a previous commentator just wrote,
    Happy Independence Day ! The U.K. has done quite well as a sovereign state
    since at least 1166A.D. I believe that they can survive without taking
    orders from Brussels !

  • Voluntary Exchange

    good news but this separation won’t happen overnight. It will be
    interesting to see how it unfolds overall and to see whether or not they
    will veto the whole thing

  • Press For Truth

    Maintaining momentum will be key at this point so let’s try and ensure a
    future where global non compliance as a concept will eventually lead to 7
    billion individual governments and not the other way around where slaves
    are enveloped under a tyrannical global government

  • The Last Relevant Sage

    Down with the self-appointed non-accountable communist EU regime. Long live
    a free Europe with sovereign nations!

  • IRQ1Conflict

    I think Canada and the UK need to dispense with trade barriers between our
    nations and bolster our manufacturing capacities and strengthen our
    economies as best we can. Enough with this artificially inflated economies
    that send our manufacturers to China (our ideological enemy). Enough of the
    greed that props up this insanity.

  • Adrian Millward

    in these GLOBALIST’S dream of a NEW WORLD ORDER! Congratulations BREXIT in
    your well deserved win! Now BRITAIN can take back FULL CONTROL of it’s
    BORDERS properly, introduce a POINT SYSTEM for MIGRANTS, and be able to
    trade properly with not only EUROPE, but the REST of the WORLD without
    interference from BRUSSELS! We can stop giving away MILLIONS of POUNDS a
    week to the EU now, and use that money in propping up our ARMED FORCES, and
    the NHS. We can also now get rid of these POLITICAL PRISONERS in our JAILS,
    and also get rid of the POLITICAL CORRECTENESS and HUMAN RIGHT laws which
    have caused so much problems to us all! Stop worrying about the POUND
    effecting you all, MARK CARNEY the BANK of ENGLAND governor has RE-ASSURED
    the BRITISH PEOPLE and the rest of the WORLD that the BANK of ENGLAND has
    enough MONEY in it’s RESERVE to WEATHER the STORM as he puts it!
    Congratulations to BORIS JOHNSON, MICHAEL GOVE, and not forgetting NIGEL
    FARAGE who made this all possible! Well done!!!!

  • Video cruzer

    world war 3 man, china tells the world that they have removed all market
    breakers and been massing gold. ie they have almost all the gold in the
    world now. us world reseve currency is worthless, ie backed by war,/death
    and oil. you can drive up to oil rigs in texas and by a barrels of oil for
    a few bucks now. the market is rigged ie they touched macmurry to help
    stablize the cratering oil price. next is WORLD WAR 3. now your history
    cause it always repeats. its just a cycle. take care

  • bushhog63

    As the saying goes, dont put all your eggs in the same basket, works the
    same as counties shouldnt be all in the same basket.

  • Titus Frost

    What’s next? Just as I said in my Bilderberg 2016 video, they planned for
    this, they wanted it. The final implementation of the EU Suprantional
    state. the creation of the EU Army and defense HQ. Now that Britain can’t
    vote to veto the idea, there is nothing stopping the Bilderberg group from
    carrying out the final steps to create the first of their Supranational

    Next is the NAU, North American Union.

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