Google Has Gone Full Evil But The Demise Of YouTube Will Not Happen Without A Fight!

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Google has officially thrown their motto of “don’t be evil” completely out the window by choosing to cut off any content creator who’s opinion dares to question the companies ideologies! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth calls on all his fellow content creators to fight them back by giving them more of what they hate about us in the first place while at the same time finding alternative avenues for generating revenue.
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  • Chester Kendra

    Someone needs to open a funding site to disperse money to sites that are demonitised . People could contribute what they can on a regular monthly basis and the demonitised sites have a draw based on their viewership

  • Alex Delarge

    PRESS FOR “TRUTH” = logical-fallacies + fear-mongering + propagating-agenda + confirmation-bias + belief-perseverance = Patreon remuneration

  • Leigh Stewy

    Way to be proactive! The echochamber point is so true. Journo’s like you are so important. Glad you’re sticking with it 🙂

  • BruceBlitzHasTits

    google is destroying themselves. this is good news and bound to happen eventually. now people will seek out valid competitors. it is already happening. protonmail, duckduckgo, patreon etc.

  • GrumpyMadman

    They say there are an average 20,000 American soldiers committing suicide each year. If each one just took out one of these censoring, agenda driven pieces of shit, and then moved on to the shit in Washington, the media barons, and the bankers, we might get somewhere, and they might get back at those who put them in that position in the first place?

  • wakeupscreaming

    Fantastic Advice!
    Don’t let Google intimidate your beliefs. Demonetizing “conservative” views, but not leftist views is purely hypocritical.

  • J P

    Your objectives do not coincide with YouTube’s. Their aim is political indoctrination and if you’re going to seek to counter it, they are hardly going to stand for it. … As for me,even if all YT has to offer is funny animal videos I will still be making political comments on them. Why not? You have to make use of whatever platform is available to you.

  • LegaliseIntellect LegaliseIntellect

    I’ve just “disagreed” to google new CONDITIONS on my laptop….i will fucking sue you “bug filled” google for the access to your services, if we can call them that, as a anonymous user! Fuck you.

  • D Rutter

    Sounds good Dan, nice plans.
    One thing though – Steemit requires either Smart devices, credit cards, or both. Most of us are against both of those things (and you’ve done many videos about their evils). So it’s out of reach to anyone who is opting out of that bullshit. My YT channel has been crushed over the past few years. I never made a cent at it, doing it only to help others, but they’ve taken away almost all of that too.

  • jeff Tolly

    this is why you should not depend on youtube/google to provide your financial needs.  Get a job like the rest of us.  As a hobby, you can still do your videos.  problem solved.

  • imissNICK PLUR

    so we thought that they were a tool for the left, now we know they ARE the left… so what does that mean fo r jewoogle & jewtube, well that means that we’re gonna get fucked and then they’re gonna get sued.

  • the laughing kafir

    Dan, I am a broke as fck, underemployed, Canadian fan – but you, Lauren, Stefan, Ezra and a few choice other voices of truth are tops on my list of people to patron, asap. I really respect your ability to remain neutral in a time when many are taking sides and prepping for war. Journalistic integrity is still alive in Canada, just look in the mirror. Thank you for light you shine in the darkness of today’s media landscape.

  • Elite Eye

    *Justin Trudeau, George Soros, Barak Obama, Youtube, Google ….. All Part of the Calgeri Plan and the New World Order! —– All of this is setting up for the Anitchrist and a One World Governement! The End is Near!*

  • vanessa joseph

    You tube will tank! Most viewers use this platform to watch truth content such as PFT. Once you guys leave ….WE ALL will leave! Good luck to you you tube after that

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