Iran Faces EXTREME Sanctions As U.S. Gives Country An Ultimatum

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen as well as John Doull about the most recent news on Iran as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warns of the strictest sanctions ever.
We’ve seen the United States target Iran for decades. Of course Iran’s government is just another coercive cartel, but throughout the last century, we’ve watched as the U.S. staged coups against the government, funded and armed other countries like Iraq against Iran and placed sanctions attempting to bring the government down as they do not “cooperate” with the global governing cartels.
The latest attacks on facilities in Syria have also been signatory of the times we currently live in and the continued attempt to overthrow the Iranian government.
The latest sanctions come as Iran’s economy reaches the brink of complete collapse as the Rial is heavily devalued and the currency crisis heats up. The U.S. government obviously sees an in. An opportunity to capitalize on problems that have arisen on one hand by other sanctions and the other by the fact that while Iran’s central bank may not be connected to the global order officially, they are still a central bank that centralizes fiat currency into oblivion.

Pompeo who once said his greatest priority was to bring down Julian Assange has made veiled threats about regime change in Iran. It’s hard to gauge exactly what he means, but there’s no doubt that the ramping up of instability in the region will continue as we act as pawns to be used and thrown away for the king and the queen.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover this issue closely!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen
John Doull

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • N V

    Josh, John, John and whats the dog’s name? Very important to respect dogs, learned from another John… Wick
    Iran & Russia planning their sovereign cryptos to bypass sanctions…. but the oil buying countries need to accept them!


    America need to withdraw all their troops from Syria before telling Iran to which is just pure stupidity.

  • Wayne McLaughlin

    How can it be hate speech when it’s truth speech? If President Trump wants to do something useful? Invade Canada and over throw our dicktator Justin Trudeau, since the American government is so use to sticking their noses into other countries affairs. Lord knows billionaires in America had no trouble sticking their noses into Canada’s political affairs. Al Gore, Bill Gates, and even George Soros. So yeah, fuck Iran and go to a country that’s easy picking like Canada.

  • eurosensazion

    All for oil folks to drive it back to $100. Sanction on Iran, sanctions on Venezuela, crisis still in Syria to again limit oil access from Kurdish North. I just wonder if the USA literally negotiates with Russia as well to drive oil prices up because it benefits them both.

  • Tom Krueger

    our satanic corrupted iranian govenment fall down very soon and sadly we !! because iranian people dont fucking rise up hard to stop them! we dont dupport our govenments let them burn in hell

  • Philip Morgan

    Iran is committed to annihilating Israel. They make no bones about their hatred of thej Jewish people.
    It is written… “I will bless them that bless you and curse them that curse you.” That is a direct quote from the Almighty.
    I will now unsubscribe this channel.
    As for me and my house, we stand by Israel. Bye.

  • Schlau Urheber

    Iran is a rogue nation that HATES the USA and desires to see our nation bombed, along with the Jews in the Middle East. The USA has been shit upon for so long, first by their own government which continued up until President Trump took over the Oval Office, but then by all other nations who took hand-outs and actually stole from the tax-paying citizens of the USA. The USA has always been a financial whore, always trying to buy friendships of other nations. A good example is the rebuilding of atrocious enemies of WW1 and WW2 under the Marshall Plan, who, if they had been victorious, would have totally wiped Anglo-Saxons off the face of the map along with Judaism. Such is the whoreish, cowardly nature of those who lead the USA. Today, President Trump is attempting to stand up for America at home and on the international scene. But one can plainly see that the enemies of the USA have permeated themselves deeply within all echelons of government to where treason is the color dominating throughout: the sheeple have been brain-washed (mind-controlled) for 70 or more years to where treason can no longer be recognized. And then, we see the Common Market nations,which we built off stolen money of US citizens, turn into the European Union, a foreign Union that is challenging the USA on the international area in everything the USA attempts to do. The USA has no friends. Friends purchased with money are not really friends; they are cowardly leeches sucking dry a giant imbecile of a nation.

  • Giovanni Ziti

    From the comments, it’s quite clear that there are a lot of well indoctrinated govt sheep that are forgetting that Iran is a still a sovereign country. Should be asking, what right does the US govt have to place sanctions on another sovereign country? The US govt, with central bankers, constantly lies to US citizens. So pull your heads out of your 5th point of contact and wake up. US govt is not in place to help you or protect America.

  • Schlau Urheber

    Josh and John, your ignorance of this nation’s enemies is deplorable and inexcusable. The little nation of Judah (called Israel) is battling to keep their surrounding enemies from pushing them into the sea and extinguishing them as a nation. The nations which you DON’T condemn will be the one’s who become your personal handler, bouncing and juggling your heads high in the air after being removed from your torso’s. Iran is the aggressor; Russia is their benefactor. Syria is the aggressor: Russia is their benefactor. But having said this, our nation’s leaders are also guilty of interfering with and destroying millions of people in the Middle East without justification other than to further a New World Order. Other nations would join Iran & Libya if the USA wasn’t buying their restraint. But eventually, all of the ME will join in bringing down the USA along with Canada, the UK and Australia because of being allies to/with Judah (misnamed Israel). Then, with your brains truly unable to grasp reality, you will have no platform on which to spew ignorance.

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