NEWSFLASH: The Canadian Government Isn’t Legalizing Cannabis…They’re Monopolizing It!

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Cannabis is the gateway to liberty and the Canadian government knows it so they are currently doing everything they possibly can to ensure that when “legalization” comes it will not be open to a free and fare market but rather on the contrary it will be heavily regulated with the medicinal benefits reduced and under a complete monopoly run by bureaucratic thugs. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviews Chad Jackett founder and president of the Cannabis Growers Of Canada about how to stop the monopolization of the cannabis industry as legalization looms here in Canada.

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  • nobody nobody

    Are people going to stand and get the government they want or are we going to have a fucking ant hill .

  • My Direct Opinion

    Governments are corrupt. At least now the common folk are starting to wake up and take our countries back. It will be a long battle

  • Pat Zabron

    And every name that is drawn is probably going to have direct contact or relationship with a liberal politician as Iam sure all the Libs are looking to Cash in on this more than anybody.

  • papapapist

    A rough draft of the first time offender for trafficking illegal “packaged” pot, i.e.Dispensaries ,will be $100,000.

  • Maximus Prime

    Sad that by making the laws, they’re creating ways to have the whole thing dismantled…
    A monopoly is ILLEGAL in a free society. Unconstitutional, but I doubt many people even know what their constitutional rights even are….

    God Bless

  • Ty

    Don’t forget the excise tax (10%) coming in. Only way out of that one is producing a crop with less than 0.3% THC, or I think strictly medicinal sales. Only way to sell is with special stamps on every pack too.

  • A. Boisjoli

    who cares, it only applies to government agents…if you believe some imaginary fiction of law can dictate what you can ingest into your own body you’ve already lost

  • NorthernGamer

    Has anybody else looked at the Cannabis Growers of Canada website and concluded that it’s a scam disguised as populism? Their rhetoric on how the plant should be handled on a legal level aligns with what the government is saying about it.

  • Jim Johnson

    Tell the government to suck your big fat ones they work for us. They don’t like it we will cut them up and eat them. Done taking any shit from communists.

  • Mark Shirley

    You guys are talking like your weed doesn’t get you stoned! Your whole projection here is its medicinal palliative or curative properties, as if one getting fonged is a side issue. Get real people. This is about getting stoned behind a medicinal front. I spent 6 years in the jungles of the PNG Highlands where they have the red-stemmed variety with nearly twice the THC level. We watched A-Grade students leave our school and in 6 months turn into baboons hunting to satisfy the protein-munchies. The KJV Bible tells of the meteoric rise of witchcraft and drugs in the last days leading up to the 7 year tribulation under the Antichrist. We are there!  No doubt beneficial medicinal properties can be extracted leaving the THC out, but keep it real, it’s about the stone for the majority. Make your free choices, but please don’t drag Jesus name in to sanction your carnal lusts. God made cyanide and nightshade. Smoke that!

  • Steve Angell

    Only the Queen is allowed to make money. I assure you only people who work for her will receive a license. Lottery. BS. This is just a way for them to give who they want the license.

  • TMCicuurd12b42

    Do I want to delay legalization to fight the fact conglomerate will have control over it as opposed to a bunch of independents who many fear would be a free for all? Nope. sorry, you guys will have to fight after the fact just like the micro breweries did… And I remind you the reason for that was because you pushed for legislation using the medical use narrative implying very strict regulations… so there you have it.

  • ElectroPig Von Fokkengruuven

    I TRIED to tell you this was going to happen FOR YEARS. Sure is a good thing that you kept CHOOSING TO IGNORE WHAT I WAS SAYING.

  • Heed the Seen

    Did the historical Jesus have a light complexion and long hair as Dan’s shirt depicts?
    Or is this classic portrayal inaccurate?

  • First Last

    Why all of this bs. Just remove the laws that made it illegal
    Should also consider punishing the people that made it illegal. To set an example to others who want to restrict peoples freedom.

  • watcher on the wall

    Title …. gee ya think ? when doesn’t the government try to monopolize , like insurance, alcohol . why does the government feel they have any kind of rights to get into private business , government is not business , its protecting boarders , human rights , protecting property … and that’s all government is for , not to open up business , especially one they did not create , this is just plain theft from citizens

  • freebutnot

    I am seriously hoping that this bs and lie perpetrated on the Grass growers comes back to bite the lieberals in the ass. With that said, I have said during many discussions prior to the election that turdeau cannot be trusted…and here we are!!

  • Carol-Ann Trudell

    Good information. The government is not needed in this medical business. It has been doing just fine without them. Also, who can trust that the government will not be all GMO. Nothing good can come of that. Keep up the good fight. Is there a petition or something we can sign? God bless you both as you fight for our rights.

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